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Top 11: Colors That Need To Make A Return To Brighten Up The Seas Of Gray Cars!

Top 11: Colors That Need To Make A Return To Brighten Up The Seas Of Gray Cars!

Remember when the paint options for cars had color in them? Not just muted tones of white, gray, silver, and inoffensive shades of red and blue? How about the last time a car’s color grabbed your eyeballs’s attention and kept them? Not many do anymore. But with FCA announcing the return of the eye-catching Go Mango for the Charger and Challenger, we felt like we needed to look at other colors that need to make a return to dealership lots for one reason or another.

11. Winchester Graywinchester gray

Yeah, I know…yelp about silver then bring up a tone of gray. But if you’ve ever seen Mopar’s Winchester Gray in person, you’d understand…this is as eye-catching of a color as a blue-greyish color can get. This is a perfect all-around color: it can blend in but compared to what’s out there, it stands out beautifully.

10. Apollo Whiteapollo white

Most white color shades look like melted vanilla ice cream. Not here…Buick’s top-tier GSX only came in two colors: Saturn Yellow and Apollo White. Neither shade was as over-the-top as Mopar’s High Impact colors, but both shades, with black trim, signify that bad things will happen to you if you mess with them. Think that analogy doesn’t work? It does for hornets…

9. Midnight Blue Metallicdark midnight blue

Sourced from the 1978 Mustang II King Cobra, this rich and deep blue finish could fit into any model lineup for a bit of brightening up. The red-orange pin striping can be left in the late Seventies, but overall you can’t go wrong with blue.

8. Big Bad Orangebig bad orange

American Motors’ “Big Bad” color scheme came in three parts: a vibrant blue, a neon green and this color…I guess “Electric Carrot” was a bad call. AMC’s take on the high-impact color palate turned everyday Javelins and AMXs into jaw-droppers…and rare ones, too, with numbers in the hundreds per color.

7. Graphic RedGraphic Red

One of Chrysler Corporation’s go-to colors in the 1980s, especially for their ads, Graphic Red was the closest thing that Mopar offered to the old High-Impact Paint series. In the sun it was searing, and with the right amount of chrome trim, looked killer. Dodge Rams seemed to wear the color especially well.

grabber green

Ford’s got their own list of bright colors, and Grabber Green just might be the most famous. This soft but bright blue would look right at home on the long rumored but unlikely Mustang Mach 1, just like it did in 1969.

bright lime

Ever hear of a color that was “so bright it glowed in the dark”? Chrysler’s Panther Pink/Moulin Rouge is one of them, but Ford’s Bright Lime is right there in the running. You could spot this green from a mile away in the dark.

4. Brazen Orangebrazen orange

When Pontiac started importing Holdens to the United States, one bright side was that the GTO’s that came over had Holden’s paint choices on them. Black, blue, red and silver were available and all were nice, but Brazen Orange was so off-the-wall that you had no choice but to look at it. Paired off with the black-insert headlights and taillights, twin-scoop hood and the reconfigured dual exhaust with the black inset bumper cap out back, and the GTO sported all of the swagger that critics claimed it never had.

3. Royal Peacock Green12584365259820263

Another Holden Beauty, Royal Peacock Green is a deep, dark emerald that wakes up in the light. It’s sold on the Chevrolet SS sedan (though we wonder if any were actually made or if it’s a special order color). This color needs to be moved to the midrange Camaro models as soon as possible.

2. GTS BlueGTS Blue

As soon as Dodge turned the Viper into a coupe, this color combination began to appear everywhere. GTS Blue and white stripes became the unofficial Dodge performance paint code for a while, appearing not only on Vipers, but on Dakota R/Ts and the Ram VTS concept truck.

1. Lime Rock Greenlime rock green

It was surprising to see any shade of green appear on the C7 Corvette when it debuted for 2014. Sadly, the Corvette team punted the color for 2015, so if you didn’t get it then, good luck finding it for sale now. A Lime Rock Green Z06/Z07 package car with the full aero kit would look absolutely brilliant, wouldn’t it?

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