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Are These The Top 10 Car Chase Movies Of The 1970’s?

Are These The Top 10 Car Chase Movies Of The 1970’s?

Top 10 lists are always subjective, but we still had to share this list because it is all about car chases in 1970’s movies and that makes us happy. There are some good choices in this one, with typical 1970’s car chase carnage. For some reason the car chases in 1970’s movies and tv shows are far more violent than the stuff now even if today’s stuff wasn’t computer-generated in many cases. And there aren’t just cars in some of these. There are a couple of helicopters used in these movies that are doing stuff that has such close blade to car or ground clearances that we’re surprised there weren’t more crashes. Watch these because they are fully entertaining and will probably have you searching for these movies on Netflix or Prime to see if you can find them and watch.

I actually want to watch all 10 and see how they really stack up. But when you consider that some of these movies have single car chases that last 20, 30, and even 40 minutes at a time, you know these are going to be fun to watch. The other thing this list inspires me to want to do is, well, to have some car chases! If I could rent a place to do some of these car to car stunts I think it would be a riot. Don’t you think?

Here is the video description:

This video takes us back to that epic era of movie-making in the 1970s before CGI had taken over. This was a time when movie car chases were performed by old school stunt professionals doing real stunt driving that resulted in cinematic gold that continues to thrill us even to this day. Car chase movies during that era were plentiful and exciting and made for a great evening at the drive-in on a hot summer, 1970s night. In our opinion; Here are 10 of the best!

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3 thoughts on “Are These The Top 10 Car Chase Movies Of The 1970’s?

  1. Scott Liggett

    Those are a great list. Not sure about the order 10-1, or even if all of them should be included. I own most of these movies on DVD.

  2. ratpatrol66

    McQ TA was not a SD 455 just a standard 455. One of them still exists here in Washington complete. Rumors about the other two???


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