Classic YouTube: The Heavy Hitters From Gravelrama 2017

Classic YouTube: The Heavy Hitters From Gravelrama 2017

Of all the things I shot last year, Gravelrama was probably the highlight. It is rare that I shoot anything off-road, it’s even rarer than I get to be that kind of close to the action (I could’ve smacked Jeeps on the taillights as they passed by) and the sheer spectacle that is the main Gravelrama hill…well, I’m glad to say that my expectations were solidly met. It’s a hike up that hill on the run-off from the top…the actual Eliminator Hill itself is best left to goats, children with too much energy, and paddle-tire equipped monster machines that will shovel pea gravel and sand by the yard away from the hill in fury. It’s awesome, and as long as it’s viable, I’m intending on going back this year.

But here’s a thing: while I was very happy with the photographs I took, an event like Gravelrama needs the action, noise and violence to fully explain why the event should be a must-see on your calendar. With that, I present you the potent XB hillclimb class, the high-horsepower, pretty unpredictable and wild-ass class that, be honest, most of you are most interested in. You think it’s just roostertails? Last year I saw a competitor go past the hill into a mimosa tree. The year prior, apparently they had a backflip.

Yeah…I need to go back. And 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the event. What do you think, readers…live stream material?

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