Deep Blue: The Icon Kaiser Wagoneer Reformer Is Dream-Worthy!

Deep Blue: The Icon Kaiser Wagoneer Reformer Is Dream-Worthy!

The Jeep FSJ line, all of them…trucks, Wagoneers, Cherokees, all of them…share three things throughout their long run: a straight-up, no bullshit look that has stood the test of time very well, the vaunted “Jeep” nameplate that holds water wherever it goes, and the ability to rot on command. I’ve been involved in some way or another with two of the Chrysler-built Grand Wagoneers, an early 1980s J-10 and a late 1960s J-2000 that had a swapped-in Ford small-block, and all of them needed major scales of work. The Grand Wagoneers were electrical nightmares, the J-10 was rotted to the core, and the J-2000 needed divine intervention, pure and simple. But we love them…visually and mechanically most of them are simple, brutal, and handsome in that classic look nobody has been able to compare with since, not even Jeep themselves.

So what if you took a cost-be-damned approach to fixing up an FSJ of your own? How would you do it? Most people would go for the Kaiser nose for sure, but could you avoid the temptation of the Grand Wagoneer’s interior, or the urge to make a monster out of one? We know that anything built by ICON is a ton of cash up front but damn…could you say no? We couldn’t!

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3 thoughts on “Deep Blue: The Icon Kaiser Wagoneer Reformer Is Dream-Worthy!

  1. phitter67

    My brother had a few of these, obviously not this nice. They work great for taking a bunch of people somewhere in bad weather.

  2. bob

    My old man had a red one. Screamin Kaiser six with a three on the tree. I think it was a ’66.

  3. BeaverMartin

    I love everything Icon builds. The attention to detail is second to none. Maybe if I hit the lottery one day they can build me my dream M715.

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