Float On: Swimming A Jeep On Huge Balloon Tires

Float On: Swimming A Jeep On Huge Balloon Tires

Winter in Kentucky isn’t so much snowy as it is rainstorm after rainstorm. As it sits right now, we’ve had a soaking wet February and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon…in fact, as I write this, there’s a good chance that the creek south of my house is finally going to crest over the road. It’s not uncommon around here to see a few inches of rain at a time during one of these many cold-front situations, but as the owner of a fleet of cars and one truck, it does tend to get annoying playing in the rain and outright frightening when you get surprised by a puddle that is hydroplane-worthy, or have to deal with roads so saturated that you can’t see the marker lines once the sun starts to set.

While I don’t expect to have a need for a john boat anytime soon, there are days like today where I think of situations where treading water could be a useful invention. My wife’s Silverado is plenty tall enough for most situations, but there have been some major floods in the Western Kentucky region before. Water has been high enough to put everything but the very upper third of the tower at Beech Bend Raceway underwater in the past. So having something like this Jeep to merrily float along in the flood waters with seems like a solid option. Just pull in, find a gear that will pull the vehicle along with, and start navigating you way through Waterworld at your leisure.

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2 thoughts on “Float On: Swimming A Jeep On Huge Balloon Tires

  1. KCR

    Brave dude. its cold out that would be a nasty swim. I saw Big Foot monster truck do this across a lake at the Lake county Fair,In Crown Point In.years ago.

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