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Just A Basic Car: This Opel Kadett A Is A Father-Son Bonding Experience In Blue!

Just A Basic Car: This Opel Kadett A Is A Father-Son Bonding Experience In Blue!

Small, simple and basic was not in any American manufacturer’s lexicon in the early 1960s. Not even Rambler, who had built up a reputation of economical cars, could truly claim the small but mighty prize. That went directly to Volkswagen’s Beetle, much to the annoyance of both General Motors and Ford. In fact, the Opel Kadett A was designed to aim directly at the Volkswagen and to out-do it in every way possible. That was the direction that Detroit was telling Opel engineers to take the program, and that’s what they strived to do. For the most part, they managed to strike a blow to Volkswagen in home markets around Europe, but between early 1964 and the fall of 1965, some Kadetts were sold in the United States, where they would’ve been one of the most odd finds of the day. Imagine going to a dealership filled with Chevelles and Impalas, brand new, and a wide array of options sitting in the used car lot, and then there was a Kadett A, a basic little car for a basic little price, one that made a Chevy II look like a grand step up. Would you be shocked to learn that the importation program was a failure?

But for every car model there is a fan, and there are fans who appreciate a car for what it is and what it makes them feel. This 1964 Kadett A Sports Coupe is a car that the DeBattista family has had for decades, a car that was the result of a father-son restoration, and is a car that brings about happiness when driven. Basic and small? Yes, it is, but memories and experiences cannot be replaced, and there is something pretty cool about seeing one of these Kadetts roaming around San Franscisco!

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2 thoughts on “Just A Basic Car: This Opel Kadett A Is A Father-Son Bonding Experience In Blue!

  1. George

    First car was a 69 Opel Kadett wagon. 1900cc with a 3 speed auto. You could top out around 90+. Had more than my friends 70 Datsun 510 wagon. Traded it on a 73 Opel wagon with a 4 speed. Great handling car.

  2. RK - no relation

    There were lots of little European cars here in Canada in the sixties and seventies, especially British cars. I learned to drive in a Sunbeam Rapier, an unreliable little car that Chrysler dealers sold and didn’t enjoy having to stock parts for years after it was extinct. It was fun when it was working well, 1700cc engine with dual Strombergs and a 4 speed

    These car hold great memories for lots of people and they get more attention than some muscle cars

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