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Nitrous Express Duramax Diesel Mustang leaves the building.

Nitrous Express Duramax Diesel Mustang leaves the building.

The Nitrous Express Mustang is going going gone. Our pal Mike Wood, owner of Nitrous Express, has been a fellow Drag Week glutton for several years now, and we have enjoyed hanging out with him and his crazy diesel powered Mustang GT each and every year. With multiple Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week wins, and a lot of great stories, Mike is a true competitor and a true gearhead. We’re sad to see the Mustang go, but are certain Mike will be back with something cool. Will he have the stones to keep driving to and from Drag Week in his racecar? We’re pretty sure he will.

Check out video of the car at the Texas Mile below. See Mike’s email about the car’s departure below that.

To all my friends that helped:

Well its finally time to say goodbye to a good friend, the DurMax GT has made its last voyage and set its last record.

 I do not want to sound like I am bragging about the success of the project but it has:

 ·        Has been featured in 4 major magazines

·        Appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine

·        Was chosen as the most influential diesel of 2009 by Diesel Power Magazine

·        Set the MPG mark for all diesel hot rods to match (47MPG)

·        Holds the world record for ¼ mile street legal diesel (9.21 @ 154.56) on drag radials!

·        Has appeared in thousands of web stories/videos

·        Set the standing mile land speed record three times at The Texas Mile in Goliad, Texas, currently 205.00 MPH*

·        Won Hot Rod Drag Week two times and would have won three straight if not for a broken input shaft on the 4L80 tranny

·        Has logged over 10,000 street miles while driving all over the north and south eastern USA.

 *The good news is that the Texas Mile has moved from its original location at Goliad Texas and the records set at Goliad will be in the record books forever, the new Texas Mile will start with all new records when it holds its maiden event in Beeville, Texas on May 28, 2011.

I just wanted all of you to know how much I appreciated your help on
this project, without generous companies and people like you projects
like the DuraMax GT would remain only as someone’s dream.

Thanks again!
Mike Wood
Nitrous Express, Inc.



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