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A Relaxed Racecar: Petrolicious Takes A Look At A 1969 Mercury Cyclone 428CJ

A Relaxed Racecar: Petrolicious Takes A Look At A 1969 Mercury Cyclone 428CJ

Mercury didn’t have quite the reputation that Ford did when it came to street machines. Not that they didn’t have power: with NASCAR racing at DEFCON 1 against the Mopar teams, both Ford and Mercury were at war and Mercury had an answer in just about every field: For the Camaro, there was the Cougar. For the Fury GT, there was the Marauder. And for the Chevelle SS396 and A12 Road Runner, there was the Cyclone CJ. The first application of the 428 Cobra Jet in the Cyclone lineup, the CJ was the visual and performance package, ready to go. The Cyclone CJ was meant to play with the Road Runner, Super Bee and undercut the Charger R/T in price by a few hundred bucks. Unfortunately, Mercury only moved a couple thousand CJs for 1969 and the model got rolled into the Spoiler package for 1970.

More or less a Torino with a different look, the Cyclone isn’t a common sight anywhere, let alone in top-tier trim looking this neat. But for a 335-horsepower pinnacle musclecar, with the big engine option, the bright paint, the stripes and the features, would you consider it a relaxed cruiser? Normally, the spin made when showing off a car of this caliber is tire smoke, revving and tales of street racing supremacy. Hell, the whole name of the car is meant to envision violence, a “cyclone” being a name for the most terrifying natural weather phenomenon that can decimate whatever is in the way. Petrolicious’s take on this car is something else altogether…one as a relaxed cruiser, with the big 428 burbling away at the pipes, just rolling along at a cruise that isn’t even stressing the mill. It’s a rolling cruiser tracing the hills on a lovely late afternoon, a summertime car where you wish the sun would never completely go down until after you pull into the driveway. If the true personality of this car is Mr. Hyde, enjoy it’s Dr. Jekyll moment here.

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3 thoughts on “A Relaxed Racecar: Petrolicious Takes A Look At A 1969 Mercury Cyclone 428CJ

  1. Mike

    Nice job on your Mercury. Mike from Cincinnati with the black Cyclone Spoiler II. I was trying to figure out exactly where you were driving at. I can always spot that bright orange Merc from afar when I see it around town. A very nice CJ Mercury. Will talk next time I see you. Mike

  2. Coffeejoe

    In a smaller town south of my hometown in Kansas there was a junkyard just off the hiway. In it was a huge collection of “off” popularity muscle cars that made me drool as a 17 year old with no money and huge dreams. There was a Cale Yarbourough signature 1969 Cyclone, a 1966 Charger, an AMC Machine, and several others that were just as amazing. How they ended up in that town literally in the middle of nowhere is beyond me.

    Last time I was out that way I drove by to see if that trove was still there. Nope…..Back then, when I was able to buy a 1971 340 Cuda for $1200, or a 1970 RoadRunner for $500 these cars were throwaways.

    I remember a kid in high school telling me his Dad had a 1970 Hemi Cuda he wanted $500 for. I went to go see it in yet another small town and there it was, a former drag racer, engine and trans gone but VIN clearly identifing it as a legit Hemi car. We laughed at the asking price……Who is laughing now!!!!

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