Best of BS 2017: Here’s Some Footage From A 1954 NASCAR Race At Peace Haven Speedway!

Best of BS 2017: Here’s Some Footage From A 1954 NASCAR Race At Peace Haven Speedway!

On February 21st, 1948, after a series of meetings held at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida, NASCAR was incorporated on the heels of a successful 1947 season for William France’s initial attempt at organizing stock car racing, the National Championship Stock Car Circuit (NCSCC). Composed initially of three classes (Roadster, Strictly Stock and Modified) in those early days, the organization, the cars, the racers and the lore have done nothing but grow and grow ever since. From dirt tracks and moonshine runners through the Aero Wars and up to today’s media juggernaut, NASCAR has, whether we like it or not, become the household name for motorsports. Some of that blame can be laid directly on the doorstep of Cale Yarborough and the Allison Brothers for their contribution to making NASCAR something to behold after their post-race brawl at the 1979 Daytona 500. Some of it can be directed to the charm of drivers like Richard Petty, Junior Johnson, Bill Elliott and Dale Earnhardt, or to the vicious crashes that have occurred over the sixty-nine year history of the sport. Whatever the reason, NASCAR’s influence in motorsports cannot be denied…it’s second only to the National Football League for television viewers, it’s worldwide reach has spawned similar venues in Canada, Mexico, and Europe, and even with the sponsorship changes and rule changes, fans still tune in to see cars ripping by the camera at speeds pushing 200 miles an hour, which makes this 8mm footage from Peace Haven Speedway all that more special. This was NASCAR at it’s roots: real cars, dirt tracks, heavy competition. This is where it started…here, and on the beaches of Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Best of BS 2017: Here’s Some Footage From A 1954 NASCAR Race At Peace Haven Speedway!

  1. KCR

    Here in northwest Indiana and across the state line in Ill. They have a small dirt track class of vintage cars that go from track to track. Its a very cool race .Bring this stuff back,that will put asses in the seats

  2. Larry

    This was the scene all across the country. After we raced at night we would meet in the pits, the VFW, or somewhere else for the payoff and hope we had enough for breakfast. My dad broke his back in one of these. They weren’t too safe. It was still a lot of fun.


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