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Watch a Polish Woman Fail Her Driving Test in Truly Spectacular Fashion

Watch a Polish Woman Fail Her Driving Test in Truly Spectacular Fashion

Driving isn’t for everyone, as evidenced by this video clip from Poland. According to the description with the video, this is footage of a woman taking a driving test. The sad part is that the woman fails miserably, but the happy part is that this video exists for us to watch over and over again. Believe it or not, there is actually something to be learned from watching this outside of the giggles you will get. It is a very clear example of someone mistaking the gas pedal for the brakes and then panicking, which causes a lot more accidents than anyone is willing to admit. After all the research done of the Toyota Camry situation, it seems as though most of the “runaway” ‘Yodas were caused by bad drivers, not bad cars.

Back to the video! It appears that the Polish driving test involves a slow speed autocross-like course where the driver negotiates around cones and pylons to demonstrate an acceptable level of acumen at the tiller. All is going swimmingly for this woman until about 20 seconds into the clip. It is then that she repeatedly mashes the gas instead of the brakes and….well you really need to watch this clip.

Like I always say, “If you can’t be good, be spectacular!”

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2 thoughts on “Watch a Polish Woman Fail Her Driving Test in Truly Spectacular Fashion

  1. Gary Smrtic

    Yeah, the Toyota deal was pure BS, and I don’t mean BangShift…So was the Audi Quatro “sudden Acceleration” deal, purely contrived BS by schister lawyers and people who couldn’t admit they sucked at drivng. The Audi deal was sad, because the woman ran over and killed her own son when she tromped the gas instead of the brake, just like this moron did.
    But it was the same thing with pickup gas tanks. When whichever network did their big “expose’ about truck tanks in the cab exploding, they bought 12 trucks to test. They put remotely controlled explosives in the damned fuel tanks to get the results they wanted, then after the show, they took those 12 trucks to 12 seperate salvage yards in 6 or 7 different states to try and hide what they did. They were found out, eventually, but not before the federal government and insurance companies forced the automakers to move the fuel tanks. Hell, I remember driving the original rear engined VW beetles, with the gas tank right in front of the passenger compartment, using a gas-fired auxillary heater (JC Whitney!) sitting right in front of you. No crash bumpers, metal dash board, no airbags or shoulder harness. Good times, good times!

  2. "Monza"Matt Zemaitis

    In the late 50’s-1963 l was on a go kart racing team,you use your left foot for the brake ,right foot for gas,if people were taught to drive this way there would be a LOT less of these incidents,just sayin’

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