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Unknown Parts Counter Guy: Lost and Found

Unknown Parts Counter Guy: Lost and Found

With my travels, I get the chance to stop into other stores and chat with some of the working stiffs behind the counter. Some are more than ready to tell me some of the crazy crap they see day-to-day and some look at me suspiciously, as if I’m the mystery shopper trying to bust them. Think of it as a roaming therapy session: I get the conversation started and they completely unload all of their frustrations and random situation upon me. Share with me, we are kindred spirits...

On the way home from a day trip, I stop into an O’Reilly’s on the way. It’s late, about an hour from close and the store is empty. The two counter clerks look like it’s been one hell of a sales day…translated, they’ve been going non-stop since they came on shift and are ready to drink the memory of the day away. I was pretty tired myself so instead of starting conversation, I started wandering around when I noticed this:


Houston, we have a duck. I’m not sure why the cute little fella was guarding the Gojo, but it was just high enough that I don’t think a kid left it there. Probably someone juggling a parts run with kids in tow and forgot it. It looks kind of sad sitting there, doesn’t it? Like, “Where did they go? Why did they leave me here?” Well, sorry for the little tyke who lost their friend, but fear not, because after Mr. Ducky here gets a courtesy bath, he will become the new friend of one of the clerk’s young daughter.

All together now: “Awwwwwww!”

Now, speaking of finding something, the Facebook page Mechanic Memes brought up an absolutely brilliant and utterly evil idea. Pulled straight from their page:


It also works for Toyota Highlander and Mazda RX-8, though the Mazda’s “snout” is a little bit shorter. I didn’t tell you to do it, but it’s something you oughta know. Y’know, just in case…for some reason or another.

Happy wrenching!

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