GM’s AGL-4 Was An Articulated, 4×4, Monster Corvair Truck That Should Have Been Built – Incredible Video Of The Beast In Action!

GM’s AGL-4 Was An Articulated, 4×4, Monster Corvair Truck That Should Have Been Built – Incredible Video Of The Beast In Action!

As you can imagine, I almost whizzed my shorts about fifteen times watching this amazing video of the little known GM AGL-4. This was a truck designed and built by the guys at GM to test the concept of a Corviar flat-six powered, articulated 4×4 that would be well suited for agricultural or military needs. The truck is absolutely freaking awesome and this video shows it hauling things, slogging through mud, over sand, carrying a load of people, cruising down the highway, and running through a kind of obstacle/torture course. The fact that the beast is rolling on 44″ tires makes this whole package absolutely perfect looking. There was no such thing as a “monster truck” in the middle 1960s as far as the world was concerned but the AGL-4 was as close as it got.

If the looks and seemingly capable performance of the truck weren’t enough, there was the modular nature of the cab and bed that really made it cool. The video shows how the cab (or “power unit) could be detached from one bed and attached to another using a very unique support/rolling stand thing. It is a trip to watch the two wheeled cab drive itself around and back up to mate to a second bed! Being that the “bed” was basically a trailer with an axle under it that was connected to the transfer case with a driveshaft the job of coupling and uncoupling them was handled in just a few minutes. This would be a big deal for military applications there the vehicle could haul various cargo loads and then drop/pick up new ones basically on the fly.

Some people want to claim that this vehicle was the predecessor to the military’s “Gama Goat” but we’re not so sure as GM didn’t built those. The Goat worked largely on the same concept (although it had six wheels) and shared some of the same elements as the AGL-4  but at the end of the day, there are lots of differences, too. We have no idea if this truck exists or if it was destroyed after the testing phase. We hope beyond hope that it is sitting somewhere (GM Heritage collection?!) in a basement, warehouse, or some other storage facility somewhere.

The nine-minute video below shows great tests of the truck against pickups, Jeeps, etc. This is one of the neatest things we never knew that GM had worked on and developed. Imagine being one of the people on the highway when this big brute was merging on!


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11 thoughts on “GM’s AGL-4 Was An Articulated, 4×4, Monster Corvair Truck That Should Have Been Built – Incredible Video Of The Beast In Action!

  1. john

    Wider wheels and the right tires at low pressure and better driving would have given the 4x4s a greater chance. If it could have floated it would sell like hot cakes in Mexico. Great video.

  2. Anonymous

    A Corvair with a hinge in the middle . . . Nader would have love it.

    “it would sell like hot cakes in Mexico . . .” Just imagine how many “undocumented” you could smuggle in that thing!

  3. threedoor

    I bet a wheel and tire that size would be a lot heavier than a 44″ Super Swamper mounted on aluminum 15″s. Had to hurt performance.

  4. ImpalaGuy

    Those 44″ tires look good on that thing. I already have a Greenbrier (Corvair) van. “Honey, where’s my sawzall?”

  5. 440 6Pac

    If the thing was so great why didn’t it make production? Looks like it was just another pile of junk Corvair.

  6. John T

    nice – but i can picture the potential crush injuries from people being in the wrong place at the wrong time ( we had an articulated front end loader at work years ago – a guy got in between the two parts of the vehicle and was crushed to death. Admittedly, you’d have to be a very silly contender for the Darwin awards to get yourself in that position in the first place but I know of at least one person who tried – and lost…)

  7. Beaver Martin

    Dern! How did I miss this? I’d rather have this if they sold it today than the new Silverado. I’ll take mine with a 6.0 LS, hose-able interior and OD green paint.

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