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Show Coverage: Somernites Cruise 15th Anniversary Blow Out!

Show Coverage: Somernites Cruise 15th Anniversary Blow Out!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Hard to believe the Somernites Cruise is 15-years-old.  Tens of thousands of cars have come from far and wide to be seen and enjoyed by untold numbers of admirers.  The event has steady success, growth, and participation through its years.  I expect it to continue on as one of the top cruises in America with an average attendance North of 1,000.  The main event is the show in the historic downtown of Somerset, KY on the 4th Saturday of the month, April through October.

The variety of cars always impresses me.  Yes there are the regulars that almost never miss an event, but even those change the cars some from time to time.  Another thing that has caught my attention is that many cars show up just for the cruising on highway 27 after the downtown festivities wind down.  Lots of stuff you might not see parked during the afternoon hours will be out being seen by the mass of locals and visitors lining the sides of the road to watch the rolling spectacle.

Hold on to your hats – I’m going to try something new with my galleries.  Typically I group photos by era, genre, make, and stuff along those lines.  This time I have randomly dropped photos from the whole mess taken during that weekend and split them up with no specific rhyme or reason.  Yes, the OCD people are looking for their meds right now.  I felt I needed to do something to liven it up a bit since my SOP hasn’t varied much since starting this gig with BS.

Some highlights from this folder:

Little silver Mustang that is packing more than it looks

A sweet GTX that was dosing us with the aroma from spent race gas

MG powered by a stroked Buick 215 Aluminum V-8

An Impala police car that looks to have been the genuine article

A Trio of phat F-100s


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