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More Bonneville Speed Week Photos From The Salt! Check Out What All We Found!

More Bonneville Speed Week Photos From The Salt! Check Out What All We Found!

Here we go again. We told you we’d have more photos coming and we weren’t kidding. In fact, we have even more coming as we’ll be bombarding you with them throughout the week from this abbreviated Speed Week 71 at Bonneville. Torrential rains on Thursday night before the scheduled start delayed the start of the 71st running of Bonneville Speed Week as flooded pits, tracks, and return roads meant a dry out was in order. After assessing the situation, and monitoring conditions, it was decided that racing would not commence until Tuesday morning at 7:30 am.

We spent time walking the pits, getting a little sunburned, and snapping photos of tons of cool cars for you to enjoy. We’re pretty sure that some of these cars will make you drool, and they have done that for us in spades. We also captured the staging lanes, the starting line, and more for you to enjoy right here.

If you are not familiar with Bonneville Speed Week, or racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats in general, then some of these cars and combos may seem a little odd. You aren’t wrong, but odd is not that uncommon at Bonneville. In fact, it is one of our favorite things about this event as strange engine combos find their way into cars, trucks, and even motorhomes that never came so equipped. It’s one of the things that you learn to really appreciate about Bonneville.

We will have tons more photos throughout the week, so stay tuned for all of them.



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5 thoughts on “More Bonneville Speed Week Photos From The Salt! Check Out What All We Found!

  1. MGBChuck

    Thanks for the photos, some friends were there with their lakester, they went 124mph, they were pretty optimistic, thinking at least 175mph and get the car sorted a bit. In deference to them it was their first time there with that car, I do appreciate their effort.

  2. MGBChuck

    Oh well, my comment #2 was premature, my friends lakester has potential for speed, the engine ran well, car needs suspension for rough salt and had a balance issue (light in front), all in all things went well for them, got teched and went as fast as conditions allowed, good job.

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