Our Photo Coverage From The Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo Continues! More Dirty Fun!

Our Photo Coverage From The Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo Continues! More Dirty Fun!

We’ve already told you all about the greatness that is the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo, but we still have more photos to share so we’re going to make sure you get to see them all. Yesterday we posted up our first gallery and told you about our nap, the trucks, the Jeeps, the parts, and the tools that are at the show, and today we’ll show you more of all of that. This event is held on the same grounds as the Grand National Roadster Show, and is arguably the equivalent for the off-road world. Lifts, accessories, fabrication tools, survival equipment, camping gear, suspension components, drivetrain parts and pieces, lighting, recovery gear, and much much more is on hand to look at, touch, and even buy.

While walking around we’re blown away by some of the projects that are on hand, but the truth is most of the products are aimed at the mass market. That means parts for Jeeps and SUVs, or pickup trucks. Bumpers, racks, lighting, winches, lift and leveling kits, and everything else you can think of. Plus some things you NEVER would have thought of. We love the creativity of new products, and have to admit that there are 100 different things at the show we’d love to own that have nothing to do with making a vehicle faster or more capable off-road. But they will make your off-road trip more enjoyable, that’s for sure.

One other thing that the show did for us was provide inspiration for some cool projects and tech segments we’ll be working on in the coming months. So stay tuned!

If you missed yesterday’s gallery, click the link below.


For today’s photos below, make sure you click on one and it will expand and then allow you to scroll through ALL our photos in a much larger format.

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