$10,000 On The Line And Too Close To Call: The Big Tire Final At No Prep Mayhem Was Awesome!

$10,000 On The Line And Too Close To Call: The Big Tire Final At No Prep Mayhem Was Awesome!

(Video credit: Urban Hillbilly Action Video) – While the headline news stories that came out of the race last weekend at Kansas International Dragway were about crashes, the big tire final at no prep mayhem was awesome. The race was between two Oklahoma guys. There was Doc on one side in his Monte Carlo and on the other was Mike Henson in his Plan B Corvette on the other.

To us, this type of race is what no prep competition is all about. Both guys had to use their ability, their head, and at the finish line it was so close multiple video reviews were required to get the call right. We’re talking about a $10,000 payday so no one was itching to just blurt out and answer until they were completely sure. We dig the fact that this is not some trumped up crappy drama. The whole place was waiting to hear the final determination from the top end. You can see the guys on the starting line and you can practically feel the tension rising as they wait and wait for word.

No prep racing has its share of passionate supporters and its share of loud detractors that declare it the ruination of everything. While we can’t say that we would personally be strapping in at that track, many decided to do it and had a great time. When you look at the crowd that the modest KID wedged in there for the event and how that money helps the track stay afloat for all the other test and tune runners, the bracket racers, the pro mod guys, whoever, it is very difficult to argue that this is a bad thing that is happening.

You may not go to the movie theater to see the latest romantic comedy but someone does and because they do, you can go see the latest shoot ’em up action thriller. The same logic applies here.

Press play below to see the Big Tire Final At No Prep Mayhem – This was a good one!

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