Incredible Video: If You Love 1960s Super Stock Drag Racing You’ll Freak When You Watch This Video

Incredible Video: If You Love 1960s Super Stock Drag Racing You’ll Freak When You Watch This Video

Jim Amos of Bee-On Video has been producing some of the best vintage drag racing videos for as long as we can remember. One of his newest is a feature length piece on Super Stock racing in the 1960s. The 15-minute clip below is a little chunk of awesome as compared to the two-hour full-length piece. Suffice it to say that this is 15-minutes of the neatest and most interesting footage you’ll ever see if you are an old school drag racing dork like us. Rarely seen and long dead tracks like Charlestown Dragway in Rhode Island, Eglin Air Force Base in Texas, and a load of others.

Along with the obscure old tracks there’s the 1961 Nationals from Indy and action from places that are still high profile and in operation today. If it is possible, the stuff away from the track may be the best content in the entire film. There’s footage of a team rebuilding the engine in a 1963 Z-11 Impala from the comfort of a gas station parking lot. There are loads of insanely awesome tow rigs that range from 1950s sedans to old school ramp trucks.

Lastly but not leastly, there’s the cars. The Tasca Ford Thunderbolt, Dyno Don Nicholson in the wagon, Dave Stickler, Malcom Durnham, and the list goes on and on and on. Now, the genius of Jim’s video approach is that he dubs sound onto these otherwise silent films and damn if it isn’t pretty great. Jim also provides expert narration of the film so you’ll know what you are seeing and at what location you are witnessing the racing.

Roaring engines, awesome old tracks, and the history of the sport of drag racing brought to life. Yes, this is THAT good.

Press play below for an incredible preview of this video featuring 1960s super stock –

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4 thoughts on “Incredible Video: If You Love 1960s Super Stock Drag Racing You’ll Freak When You Watch This Video

  1. Gary

    Eglin Air Force Base is on the Florida panhandle, not Texas. Haven’t watched the video yet, but we knew where they raced on one of the auxiliary fields when I was stationed there, and did some grudge racing back in ’75-’77 . Hed a buddy (who was a Mopar guy, like me) but he had a Impala with a v8 of some sort, and I had a 2.0 Pinto that I did some mild porting on, a Sig Erson cam, headers, etc, although still an open rear with 3.19 gears. I told him, when we first met, how my Pinto had been to the track 3 times before I went active duty, and won bracket eliminator twice, and runner-opped the thrid week at Lebanon Valley. He called BS and said his Chevy would kick my ass. First run, I beat him by about 10 cars! He whinned (must happen automatically when you own a Chevy) that his car hadn’t been tuned since he left Ohio. I said, mine hasn’t since I left N.Y.! Next week, both cars tuned, I beat him by about 5 cars! Then I gave him a 5 car handicap, and still beat him! As you can tell, This post brought back memories!

  2. Gary D

    What’s that! Is that actual wheelspin off the starting line and the drivers shifting gears? Those days are long gone but I loved it.

  3. Ted

    Still laughing from the 58 Impala at the beginning, one thing that has never changed with 58’s is that they move around like drunk octogenarians on skateboards….

    Great vid, I second Gary D’s view on this……more please……….

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