This 1968 GT500 Radial Mustang Is All About Nitrous and Grabbing Gears – Awesome Car

This 1968 GT500 Radial Mustang Is All About Nitrous and Grabbing Gears – Awesome Car

Nope, there’s not a turbocharger, a ProCharger, or a Roots blower to be found. There’s a 582ci Thor headed big block ford that makes more than 1,4000hp BEFORE the nitrous guns are turned on and there’s also a Bruno fronted Liberty transmission that the driver gets to use to saw through the gears as the big scooped car heads down the strip. This car is just amazing and it only has a couple of shakedown runs on the chassis. The firewall and front frame rails are in the stock location, there’s carbon fiber everywhere from the brakes to the nose to the interior, and it is all driving it home on a set of deadlocked radial tires.

This is nitrous time of the year and boy have those guys been killing it. From Jeff Naiser at No Mercy to Jamie Hancock at RadialFest in the top levels of competition, nitrous cars have been proving that there’s plenty of performance in them thar bottles. Now this is not a radial vs the world car but it would be solid in outlaw 10.5, Pro 275 or a myriad of other classes across the country.

Radial racing is screaming right now with all kinds of cool cars but in our eyes it does not get any more neat than a radial car with an engine that’s backed up with a manual transmission. Especially a manual transmission driven by a torque converter! Remember the days of automatics being drive by clutches. The whole thing has gone backwards now. 1968 GT500 radial Mustang is about nitrous and gear jamming!

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