Day 2 Greatness: This Photo Collection of 1970s Era Day Two Street Machines Is Spectacular

Day 2 Greatness: This Photo Collection of 1970s Era Day Two Street Machines Is Spectacular

(By Greg Rourke) – Day Two cars…I love ’em. Today so many cars from the Golden Age of muscle cars just get shuttled around between billionaire owners and seldom, if ever, get driven. And certainly never driven as they were intended. But back in the 60’s and 70’s any pimply faced, greasy haired young gearhead with a job over at the Standard station could save up enough scratch for a big block, four gear pavement pounder.

And the next day, (hence Day Two) they would order up a mess of speed goodies from Honest Charley or Warshawski’s ( that’s J.C.Whitney to those of you outside of Chicago). Chrome wheels, side exhaust, air shocks or long shackles to clear the L60-15 bias plies where often the first additions. If you had more substantial employment maybe a full tilt engine build, with a tunnel ram. Remember Dyer’s Street Charger bolt on 671 blowers? I do, some joker in my town had a stock 76 Vette with a Dyers blower on it, never even bothered to put headers on it. Ahh, those were the days.

I told you that story to show you this. As often as not, when I’m bored I check out image sharing site Imgur. It’s mostly a bunch of young smartasses with inside jokes that I don’t get, but it’s entertaining. Today I found someone that must be closer to my age posting a whole bunch of shots of Day Two muscle car gold. Take a look, and take your time checking out the stuff in the backgrounds. Check the details on the cars…mismatched tires and rims and all. I guarantee you won’t see another Superbird with tire chains anywhere else today.

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11 thoughts on “Day 2 Greatness: This Photo Collection of 1970s Era Day Two Street Machines Is Spectacular

  1. bob

    Outstanding! …Man, I was there. Those times will never be duplicated and probably the best time to be a teenager ever. Shit, even Beaver Bob would put on four half barrels on a holiday weekend at the drags. Drunk Saturday night, race on Sunday. If I’d only have known at the time, I maybe would have cherished the times a little more and have taken loads of pictures, but hey, film was expensive. Wonder what happened to my Polaroids? Oh that’s right, my girl friend made me burn them.

  2. 75Duster

    Keep up with the day two features, I have always enjoyed seeing that period of car over any “Barrett Jackson” commodities.

  3. Steve

    Wow, to me, this is what is was all about. Today’s “correct” restos look horrible with their teeny little back tires and level stances. I was there! Factory wheels were for your trailer, or scabs for rolling in and out of the paint booth. Cragar was THE thing. And stock exhaust? In the dumpster! Headers and glass packs baby! I know I say it all the time, but we are being deprived, because we can’t afford the 60’s muscle any more, and the new muscle is over contented and therefore overpriced too! We desperately need a modern day GTO/Road Runner/L78 Nova kinda car that has a good V8 and no gingerbread.

  4. Turbo Regal

    I’ve always had a fascination for cars like these. In the small town in NE GA I grew up in, my elementary school bus passed the house of the local hot rodder, who always had a yard full of jacked up Camaros, Chevy II’s, Chevelles, 442’s and GTO’s. Cragars, stink bug stance with lumpy cams and glasspacks.

    I built my models to look just like these cars when I got home from school.

  5. John T

    love it! I’m in Australia and we had a very similar but not the same 70’s of hotted up cars. My thing was Falcon coupes in the day, so when an unloved ratty one came up cheap nearly 20 years ago I snapped it up and have it now. But its no concours restorer – satin black, loud, slightly ratty 351 4 speed car. When its out and about its the one that gets all the attention, the glossy over restored ones not so much…

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