This 1971 Olds 442 With 1979 Paint And Slot Mags Is Pretty Sweet – Best of Both Worlds?

This 1971 Olds 442 With 1979 Paint And Slot Mags Is Pretty Sweet – Best of Both Worlds?

For whatever reason, legitimacy is important to me when it comes to a car like this. If this 1971 Olds 442 had lived a normal life and then been painted by someone who wanted a retro looking ride it would not be nearly as good. Instead this 1971 Olds 442 with 1979 paint and slot mags hits me right between the eyes. There’s an honesty about a car like this in it’s appearance and I appreciate that. Back in 1979 this thing would have been truly hot stuff. The graphic paint job has aged pretty well (in our opinion) and the slot mags shod in Kelly Charger tires are perfect.

While we cannot vouch for every inch of the car’s identity as a 442, it does seem to have all the cursory details required of a W30 car in 1971. There’s the hood, there’s the aluminum intake manifold, there’s the red fender wells and there’s the 455 engine. The ad states that the engine has been upgraded with E-code Olds heads and we’re guessing that they specifically mean the “big valve” E-Code heads used on the Toronado. The block is claimed to be matching numbers to the car.

Cars like this really do capture a moment in time. By 1979 this Olds probably would have been pretty cheap. There had been multiple gas crunches and muscle cars certainly were not on the radar of the general public as the most economical form of transportation.

A kid or a guy with some money had to have owned this car to give it the treatment that he did and to have it come out the other side as nice as it is strikes us as amazing. We were actually suspicious about the paint until we saw some detail shots that do show rust and some wear in it. I’m in love. 1971 horsepower and 1979 attitude. What a combo!

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10 thoughts on “This 1971 Olds 442 With 1979 Paint And Slot Mags Is Pretty Sweet – Best of Both Worlds?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Perfect! Just lose the red stripes and then you’ve got an authentic Hurst/Olds colour scheme.

  2. Paul Lomych

    No, ya don\’t, JACKASS! It\’s a 70\’s street machine plain and simple, and it\’s sweet as raw honey! Is it 100% legit? Who knows! Is it awesome! YOU BET YER SWEET BIPPIE IT IS! Go chew on an old 352 rod, Geordie!

  3. jay bree

    Love everything but the red fender wells. I don’t recall those (ever!)

    PS: Don’t be picking on Geordie… he’s used so Simca’s , MG’s and Prius’s , so you’ve gotta cut him some slack!

    1. claymore

      Red fender wells were an FACTORY OPTION on 442’s and other hot Olds that year.

      1. Phil

        You neglected to mention that those red plastic inner fender wells were made of plastic, saving a couple of pounds or so over the stock steel inner fender well. If that ain’t cool nothing is. Just one of countless cool options from that era from all the auto manufacturers of super cars.

  4. C.M. Bendig

    I actually know an Oldsmobile guy that would rather have that then a stock 442. He would drive it to every Oldsmobile show in the country.

    Some people love that stuff, some don’t. Someone will buy it and pay stupid money for it. Then drive it with pride like a big, real, diamond ring in a trailer park when the girl comes home.

  5. clipsit

    The car is truly amazing. Don\’t see them too often but when I do see a classic I\’ll stop and stare and give it the respect it deserves.

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