2020 FE Race And Reunion Gallery: Delayed Gratification Is Still Gratification!

2020 FE Race And Reunion Gallery: Delayed Gratification Is Still Gratification!

(Words and photos: Joe Grippo) Well, better late than never, right? After a 5-month Covid causing postponement, the 2020 FE Race and Reunion went down at Beaver Springs Dragway in the rural hills of central Pennsylvania, the weekend of September 12TH and it was worth the wait. For those unaware, the FE Race and Reunion is a special, niche event exclusively for vehicles powered by Fords FE Engine family, small blocks, Cleveland’s, 429’s and 460’s stuff stay home! This deal is all about Cobra Jets, side oilers, tunnel ports and Cammers. We’re talking hardcore Blue Oval hardware.

Fairlane’s, Galaxies, Comets, Starliner’s and Mustangs made up the bulk of the attendees but several F-series trucks, Thunderbirds, Cougars and other FoMoCo offerings were well represented. While the race portion is probably the main attraction, each year at the FERR the car show is always a highlight and where the variety of four wheeled FE creations is most evident. An Edsel parked alongside a Thunderbolt next to a ’32 Ford 5 window coupe almost gave this Ford guy the bends! The back road through the pits at Beaver is reserved for the swap meet, so bring money. Blocks, heads, intakes and lots of sheet metal was there to be snatched up. Add in a manufactures midway plus the opportunity to hang out with and pick the brains of FE Drag Racing legends Ohio George Montgomery and Al Joniec, and it’s clear why the FE Race and Reunion is circled each year on any true blue Ford fanatics calendar.

The 2020 edition of the FERR was of course impacted by the ‘Rona, as stated, the traditional April date was pushed ahead to September which messed up some vacation plans and some travel restrictions kept the normally robust Canadian FE contingent away so attendance was down slightly in comparison to previous years. However, among the folks that made the trek to Beaver Springs spirits were high and it was still very well attended. Plans are already being formulated for 2021, so keep an eye on the FE Race and Reunion Facebook group for all the latest news and developments. BangShift will be there.

Enough of my rambling, on to the photo galleries – 

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5 thoughts on “2020 FE Race And Reunion Gallery: Delayed Gratification Is Still Gratification!

  1. Douglas Bender

    Thank you once again for the excellent coverage Joe. This event gets better each year and your coverage is tops, bar none.

    Doug Bender
    FERR Co-founder

  2. Tom P

    Travel restrictions kept me away since the plan this year was to fly to Toronto and drive down from there. It is a great event and well worth seeing.

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