2020 Kyana Swap Meet Part 2: More Great Photos Of Parts, Cars, and Potential Projects!

2020 Kyana Swap Meet Part 2: More Great Photos Of Parts, Cars, and Potential Projects!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – We return to the Spring 2020 KYANA swap meet and the first photo is of another tripod bumper jack, but this one is displayed in its working position.  Keeping the main screw oiled was key to using these without wearing out your arm.  I saw the guy on the hoverboard pulling the wagon from quite a distance and had to rush in order to catch a photo.   The same deal with the bumper car-bodied mobility chair.  That’s an awesome way to make one of those cool.  W-motor valve covers are cool and this was the nicest set we found.  All of them are expensive.  The orange K5 was as nice as it looks.  It’s way out of my price range, but it sure would be sweet to tool around in with the top off. 

Lots of slot mags all over the place.  Usually a few vendors have a bunch and then you’ll see singles or sets missing one, but this year there were sets everywhere.  Most were uni-lug.  The price on the 1956 Pontiac dealer poster might seem high, but the thing was in pretty good shape and would look awesome on someone’s wall.  Porcelain pedestal sinks.  If you run water out to your shop, pool house, or lanai then it might just be a really cool feature.  Think outside the box.  These old tractor sprinklers were a big thing when I was a kid and I always enjoyed watching them follow their ‘track’ over a yard. 

The red square-body 4wd was like a new penny and would be a great alternative to a brand new truck.  I’d like to see more folks daily-driving vehicles of this era (perhaps with updated running gear).  Gold anodized front runners.  I hope someone picked them up and I’ll see the pair on a car at a track when they open back up.

The KYANA swap meet is billed as the largest indoor automotive swap meet.  I can’t confirm that, but it’s big and if you want to scan it all for treasures make sure your innersoles are fresh and you have at least 6-8 hours to stroll around.  Oh, and don’t forget your wallet in case a buddy or family member isn’t with you to cover the purchase.

We hope you enjoyed.

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One thought on “2020 Kyana Swap Meet Part 2: More Great Photos Of Parts, Cars, and Potential Projects!

  1. Piston Pete

    Very cool Doug, thanks for the post and the effort. Looks like they had everything.
    The last time I set up at a swap meet I had mostly H-D parts and tires, but also dug out some old fishing equipment that I never used. The first guy that saw the rods and reels told me that I couldn’t bring fishing stuff to an m/c parts swap meet. I told him of course I could and the next guy said “Cool” and bought everything. You just never know. Way more fun than craigslist.

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