eBay: The Undisputed King Of The LS World Is For Sale – 3,500hp LSx Powered Camaro Runs 5s In Quarter, 3s In Eighth

eBay: The Undisputed King Of The LS World Is For Sale – 3,500hp LSx Powered Camaro Runs 5s In Quarter, 3s In Eighth

It is, without dispute the baddest LSx powered drag car in the world. Run in big tire trim, run in Radial vs The World trim, run a quarter mile, and run an eighth, Super Dave Adkins’ Camaro has rewritten the book on LSx performance and if you know his history, that’s no surprise. This Camaro was the follow up effort to his LSx powered 1960 Impala bodied machine that was the king of the LS performance world before it was replaced with this beautiful monster. The car runs 3s in the eighth on little tires and un-shockingly (but shockingly) runs 5s in the quarter mile with the taps opened up for the twin turbos.

The engine in this car was built by Baker Engineered Racing Engines and it is a mind-bending piece of hardware that pushes the limits of engineering and possibilities in the LS platform in ways that few other, if any ever have. It is literally awesome to watch this car run and take on fields full of 900ci nitrous engines, 500+ cubic inches hemi engines, and even other traditional small block cars. 427 of the hardest working cubic inches in motorsport make 3,500hp and the numbers say that’s true.

The chassis is from Jerry Bickel and as mentioned above we have seen this thing do damage to the competition with on it that seem to belong on a golf cart and tires on it that are steamroller sized.

The most gnarly thing about buying this car is the fact that it comes with the hard work done, in terms of sorting the combo and the chassis. It is the definition of a turn-key bad ass and someone out there needs it. Cheap? Ha. The ask is $229,000 and we’d dare you to build one for that to compete with this thing. Ain’t happening.

Many LS guys brag on being the quickest stock bottom end or quickest stock boosted, or whatever combo but this this is a blow out the stops, stretch your imagination, and see what’s possible deal. The best part is that it works and boy does it work good.

eBay: The baddest LSx powered drag car in the world is for sale – a showpiece!

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