Action Gallery: High Flying Stockers At The 2017 NHRA Circle K Winternationals

Action Gallery: High Flying Stockers At The 2017 NHRA Circle K Winternationals

(Photos by Wes Allison) – When the dust settled and the final pair of stock eliminator cars ran down the track at the 2017 NHRA Circle K Winternationals, it was Pasadena, Texas resident Jerry Emmons who took the victory and Wally at the NHRA’s first national event of the season. The wheel standing big block 1969 Camaro was a fan favorite and one of dozens of stockers that were on the grounds seeking glory.

We know that BangShifters have a special place in their collective heart for the wondrous cars that make up the stock eliminator ranks and that is why we have compiled a bunch of photos galleries as shot by the lens of Wes Allison for you to enjoy. Mopars, Fords, and Chevrolets are all present and accounted for here. Some of the best cars and drivers in the country were on hand and making noise in stock this weekend, trying to get a head start on the chase for both divisional and national glory as part of the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series.

If we had to pick a favorite out of this gallery it would totally be…not one of the cars but the fact that we have a ton more photos to show you from the 2017 NHRA Circle K Winternationals. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the photos we have to share from the event.


Click the images below to expand them and then scroll to see ’em all –

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5 thoughts on “Action Gallery: High Flying Stockers At The 2017 NHRA Circle K Winternationals

  1. Gary Willis

    Thank you Thank You Thank You for posting these great stock class car photos. N H R A hardly posts any non pro cars on their site anymore. They are all about top fuel etc but a lot of us like the more recognizable cars . thanks again for this great site !!!! Gary Mt Dora, fl

  2. Piston Pete

    DITTO. Can’t wait to see the SS and door slammer Comp pics. Spare us the Super eliminators, I appreciate the technology, but the races are boring and don’t really prove anything. VROOOOM . . . tat-tat-tat . . . VROOOM.???

  3. Rattler

    I DVR’s the Winternationals so that I could fast forward through the commercials and the fuel classes. I was most interested in Pro-Stock. So after the first round it was an all Chevy show. Stopped watching and erased it off the DVR. BORRING I agree with the previous two gentlemen. They should stop telecasting Pro-Stock and show Stock Eliminator instead. Much more interesting, different cars, much more competitive, and I would guess the drivers would be much more interesting to hear their interviews instead of the mind numbing rattling off of sponsor names.

    I do have one question what the heck was Force and Schumacher fighting about.?

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