AFCO Terminator Series Struts Can Turn Your Drag Car Into A Certified Killer (With Video)

AFCO Terminator Series Struts Can Turn Your Drag Car Into A Certified Killer (With Video)

When it comes to bleeding edge drag racing suspension technology and products, AFCO Racing has been the industry leader for years. Employing the best engineering, the best materials, and one of the largest R&D operations in the sport, these guys have their program together in not only the traditional realms of the sport but the latest and greatest growing trends as well. Take the Terminator Series struts that the company now offers, which are designed for racers who are going low-prep and no-prep racing and are looking for the maximum in weight transfer to get the traction that their cars need to make the finish line first.

These spindle mount struts are double adjustable and those adjustments for compression and rebound are 100% independent of each other. The AFCO developed steering arm allows for way more tire clearance and it allows racers to swap to these struts without having to throw half of their existing steering system in the garbage. That’s smart engineering. With three available heights and adjustments that are made with positive detents for maximum accuracy in tuning they are crew chief friendly as well.

You can try to do better with the stuff you have as it struggles to cope with an environment it was not designed for or you can upgrade your program and go with the component that are engineered to deliver in the racing conditions that they are being tested in. We know which way makes the most sense for us!

Check out the video and then visit the AFCO Racing site here for details on the Terminator Series

Press play below to see some neat video on the AFCO Racing Terminator Struts –

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