Stacked: This Algon Fuel Injection Set Up For A Boss 429 Ford Is Radical!

Stacked: This Algon Fuel Injection Set Up For A Boss 429 Ford Is Radical!

As we have all had it drilled into our heads at this point in history, the Ford Boss 429 was not the greatest street engine ever built. Its massive ports and racing bred lineage meant that the street variant of the engine only existed to legalize it for racing. As a racing engine, however, the mighty Boss 429 was pretty strong. Guys ran them in stock cars and they were fast. Guys ran them in drag racing cars, on fuel even, and they held their own for a short time, but what about sportsman style drag racing, did any of those guys use the engine? Sparingly, but with success as well and this Algon fuel injection set up for a Boss 429 is proof.

This is a seemingly complete stack injection setup from the fuel pump right up to the manifold and mechanical injectors stuck in it. The unit was used on a ¬†Bantam bodied altered in the 1970s and supposedly the car was a record setter for its day (but were’t they all?). We are loving the fact that ages ago, when someone took this off the engine, they thought to keep everything, including the string of balls used to keep stuff from falling down into the engine when the car wasn’t running!

While we cannot see stuff like the guts of the pump, the rest of the piece seems to have been well cared for. The fact that the lines, throttle linkage, and general condition of the manifold are so good makes us smile. Even the stacks will look mint and shiny with a rag and some elbow grease.

This was an expensive hunk of aluminum back in the day and we have not ever seen another one line it. We’re guessing there were less than a handful of these ever made and for $3,500 we have seen far worse looking deals on rare stuff before. Someone doing some kind of a wild Boss 429 build needs this!

eBay: This Algon fuel injection setup for a Boss 429 Ford is radical

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