KABOOM: Watch This Hot Rodded Nissan Patrol Shred A Tire On The Chassis Dyno

KABOOM: Watch This Hot Rodded Nissan Patrol Shred A Tire On The Chassis Dyno

Here’s chapter 3,324 in the great big book of how to get mangled on the dyno. We’re not saying that these guys did anything wrong, just that there’s so much going on any time you have a car or truck strapped down and running at full bore. Danger is literally ever-present.

We love watching the videos of tires being stressed and strained hard on the dyno whenever someone is really pouring the coals to their stuff. Watching a non-bias ply tire try to grow and even wrinkle the sidewall as it transmits power to the ground is impressive. It is also a sign that some junk could go really, really wrong and fast. That’s what happens here.

This Nissan Patrol does not exactly look like a hot rod from the outside and that is the point. This is one bad ass sleeper. As soon as you hear the driver roll into the throttle there’s clearly a massive turbo at work and there’s clearly loads of power going down onto what look like stock tires.

At the peak of acceleration and just about at the peak of wheel speed the tire comes apart, the tread separating from the sidewall and doing a fine job of tearing up the rear fender on the way out. Thankfully there was none standing next to this truck and it was just some cosmetic damage that can be fixed. If someone had caught that flying tread to the face or body they’d have been banged the hell up. It is not just the strain on the sidewalls that will cause a tire to come apart. In this case, these standard looking truck tires probably have a speed racing of like 115mph. We bet they were spinning VASTLY over that here.

Look out below!

Press play below to see this Nissan Patrol explode a tire on the dyno

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