Another Track Gone: The Nl’Akapxm Eagle Motorplex In British Columbia Has Shut Down

Another Track Gone: The Nl’Akapxm Eagle Motorplex In British Columbia Has Shut Down

We never like to hear about another track lost for whatever reason, but unfortunately we find ourselves having to report that the Nl’Akapxm Eagle Motorplex drag strip near Cache Creek, British Columbia has closed down after facing years of financial issues, staff losses and reduced car counts. This statement was left on their web page:

“It is with a heavy heart that on this day I must make the announcement that after more than 28 years of operation, Eagle Motorplex is shutting the gates and closing the doors. The chief and council held a vote yesterday and voted to cease the operation of the drag strip. The past few years have seen a declining car count and numerous technical and mechanical issues that have led to not only expensive repairs but the issue of finding qualified personnel who are able to repair our facility. The band has decided to close the facility and do so as early as possible to allow racers to change their schedules and hopefully save their racing program for the year. We are saddened that the Langley Loafer Race and the CMDRA race will be cancelled at the Plex but hopefully they will be able to salvage this season somewhere else. We wish everyone success in the future and want to thank all those who supported the track over the past 29 years. Good luck to one and all.”  -Sue McKay

With Eagle closed, the nearest drags trips in the province are Mission Raceway Park in the south and  Northern Lights Raceway near Fort Saint John. Nearby strips include Medicine Hat Drag Race Association, Castrol Raceway and Central Alberta Raceway in Alberta, and Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.

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(Thanks to Jessica May for the tip!)

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6 thoughts on “Another Track Gone: The Nl’Akapxm Eagle Motorplex In British Columbia Has Shut Down

  1. Mr. Harder

    As a resident of Abbotsford B.C. I raced my motorcycle at Ashcroft with the CMDRA on many occasions. Really cool track, with a cool ‘old school’ atmosphere. Sad to see it go.
    One note for the article, your “nearby tracks” list is pretty generous. Medicine Hat raceway, Castrol Raceway and Central Albertay are all a 13+ hour haul from Mission Raceway

      1. Mr. Harder

        Indeed, options are few. Mission is an awesome track though, with a healthy racing scene.

  2. crazy canuck

    Going to miss the Loafers old time drags . Ashcroft was a goodtimes track always fun despite the heat and altitude , gonna miss it . I think what killed it was the sanctioning body kerfufuls of the last few years .

  3. Colinv

    My local track as a resident of Logan Lake. Sad to see it close, but really not too surprising as a race weekend I attended last year only drew 38 cars and the locals that were to supply staff never showed up. Racing started over 5 hours late after some people from pits helped prep and all weekend spectators watched for free as nobody ever manned the gates. The current management of the track never really had a chance with all they were up against.

  4. Tom P

    Not for sure yet! I got the email last week and mentioned it to a guy at the car show on Sunday. He says there were a lot of people who contacted them and now the decision to close isn’t firm. He also said they have already had a work party at the track and it is ready to race.
    I hope so, it’s a great place and a nice trip getting there.

    By the way, other closer tracks are Thunder Mountain in Kelowna and Wine Country Raceway (the airport) in Osooyos.

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