Antron Brown Makes FIRST Pass In The Toyota GR Supra Jr Roadster

Antron Brown Makes FIRST Pass In The Toyota GR Supra Jr Roadster

Jr. Drag Racing is awesome, and we love watching kids get their start in drag racing in the cool half size dragsters. But for years there have been folks asking why there aren’t Jr. Funny Cars, which is a fair question. The truth is that NHRA hasn’t wanted to have funny cars because they didn’t want kids to have a hard time getting out of them in case of a crash or something. This here is the new NHRA approved Jr. “Roadster” which is a funny car without a roof so kids can get out of it when they want. We approve.

With that said, I do wish NHRA would allow go-karts in Jr. Drag Racing so that kids who already kart could participate. They do that in other countries but not here. Maybe that will change now that they are making headway towards more styles of race car.

Video Description:

The new NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Toyota Racing GR Supra Jr Roadster, pretty cool… having Antron Brown make the debut pass in it, even cooler!

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2 thoughts on “Antron Brown Makes FIRST Pass In The Toyota GR Supra Jr Roadster

  1. Ted

    This is the best thing I have seen for the kids, hell, I’d drive one!! Next let’s see a crafty Dad build a scaled down Marv Ripes 57 Chevy jr stock for the class…..I’d never even thought of kids using go karts on the strip before, even when I was announcing Division 6 but I wish I had come up with the idea. I wonder if NHRA/tracks are afraid it’d bring in too many participants. One thing we can both agree on is the jr program runs pretty slow and a large field might impact a day’s classes. Be interested in hearing what you guys think of the potentially larger fields how it might change the race day if you did a follow up……

    For a laugh go back through your 1960’s Hot Rod mags and find the issue where the one Dad built the OG jr dragster, I remember chain drive but can’t remember what it used for power. Don’t recall the month it was but I can still see the kid in the yellow dragster with a smile that would have lit Kansas up.

  2. 69rrboy

    I’ve been saying for years that they should’ve started with a Junior Pro Stock. Use a half scale car with a spec “sealed” 4 cylinder engine you can’t touch or modify and a manual transmission.

    Would’ve been WAY more exciting plus kids would’ve learned how to drive a stick.

    Hopefully one of the moderators will soon get rid of all the BS spam bot emails that are suddenly on this site like the one above. It’ll only get much worse!!


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