Best Of BangShift 2015: Jungle Jim Liberman’s Actual 1969 Chevy Fires Up On Nitro, Does Dry Hops Makes Pass!

Best Of BangShift 2015:  Jungle Jim Liberman’s Actual 1969 Chevy Fires Up On Nitro, Does Dry Hops Makes Pass!

Friend O’ BangShift Ron Huegli has the greatest job on Earth. We think we have it pretty good sometimes but Ron is living the dream working as the curator as the freshly opened World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon. The museum is concentrated around all kinds of awesome and interesting vehicles from vintage hydroplanes to land speed cars, to drag racing iron, road racing machines, and on and on. It is a destination that we’re dying to get to and you should have it on the list of places you need to visit this year as well. If you don’t think these guys are for real, the video below will set you right in a hurry.

What you are about to see if a true portal back in time. Ron and several other hard working guys restored the 1969 Jungle Jim Chevy into working order and then somehow talked the guys who run Woodburn Drag Strip to let them make a full pull in the car just the way Liberman would have had it in 1969. The blown, nitro burning 427 is up front, the old school chassis is as open and airy as you’d imagine, the wood rimmed wheel is spectacular, and Ron even looks the part with the fire mask and open faced helmet. Ron’s a long time funny car racer and he handles the car perfectly on the run.

This is an awesome piece of video and a great piece of short film making. We’re in love and we want a ride!


“Jungle Jim” Liberman, “the greatest showman in drag racing,” and his ’69 Chevy II with a blown nitro 427, was a crowd favorite wherever he went. Both Jungle Jim cars were purchased and subsequently Scott Davis and Ron Huegli restored the Jim car with the help of Brett Davis and Dave Loney. Guy Mitchell built the motor and Leo Giroski the trans, while Brian Beldin, Fred Davis and Mark House handled the bodywork. Mitch Kim and Bill Kirkpatrick did the lettering and striping. Both cars are now on display here at the museum for you to see in person.


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9 thoughts on “Best Of BangShift 2015: Jungle Jim Liberman’s Actual 1969 Chevy Fires Up On Nitro, Does Dry Hops Makes Pass!

  1. Scotty Gosson

    Thanks for this, Brian! Ron (also well known as a fuel altered racer) has done a killer job at the museum. This tasty video pretty much illustrates the cred of both Ron and the museum. I hope you guys get up here soon for a visit! Look me up, should that happen, and I’ll be your native guide.

  2. NOVA427SS

    Sure its unsafe..crude by todays tech..And What? A BBC on nitro .not in this NHRA,mister..nuff said. It inspired the REAL sport of drag racing and guys like me to spend all our cash and energy trying to be like him. The long burnouts,dry hops and staging head games.If you ever witnessed the Byron Manufacturers Meets with the whole funny car field fired up side by side then you know what I,m talking about.We gotta change fast cause were losing more and more kids to the gaming/technology world..$600 and your a entry level gamer.Get more of a starter class and open track days so these kids dont become zombies. just a old man venting today.thanks

  3. NOVA427SS

    And as a profesional builder (means I sometimes get paid for what i love doing) saw this earlier this guys do beautiful work. The level of detailing is what defines your work..and its over the top. AA++

  4. Dan Stokes

    The car is perfect.

    But where’s Pam!! She must have a Grand Daughter with her genes. (hey, we all get older as long as we keep breathing.)


  5. leland ellerman

    jungle was the most coolest funny car driver ever! i’m so proud to see that someone else has a passion for all the old funny cars like me, and are keeping them alive ” long live nostalgia funny cars”

  6. Ron Huegli

    Hey guys thanks for all the great comments! I truly am the luckiest guy on earth. Not many can say that they built a Jungle Jim Funny Car model as a kid and then get to do the restoration on the REAL car!!! It has opened up so many wonderful opportunities and I’ve made some great friends in the process. Pam is a dear friend due to the cars(even though she came on the scene two years later) and Clare Sanders is like a dad to me. Come see Clares car at Pomona for the Winter Nationals. I will also be doing my usual burn-outs in the TIKI car too!!!!!

    Thanks everyone, Ron “TIKIMAN” Huegli

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