Complete Live Streaming Video Replay From The Street Car Super Nationals Right Here!

Complete Live Streaming Video Replay From The Street Car Super Nationals Right Here!


That’s right, kids! We’ll be LIVE from the 2016 PSCA Jegs Street Car Super Nationals next week from the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This is the last massive door slammer race of the year and, as it has proven time and time again, it is one of the most crazy and hardcore as well. There will be quarter mile Outlaw Pro Mods racing, with guys looking to run in the low 5.40s at 270+mph, there will be small tire categories, there’s the Thursday night Pro Mod quickest pass challenge that is a money shot deal for a pile of money at the end of the night, and much much more. This is as much a spectacle as it is a drag race. And we mean that in a good way! We LOVE this event. It’s the biggest and baddest the West Coast has to offer, and attracts racers from all over the country and the world.

In short, this is one you do not want to miss a second of and thanks to our great sponsors, you will not have to. Aeromotive, Aerospace Components, Racepak, MAHLE, Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, Holley, Auto Meter, and Mark Williams Enterprises are all on board to help us bring you the action from beginning to end at the track.

There have been some schedule changes this year and we can appreciate that. There are always hundreds of cars on property and there are always guys stepping just a little over the line and sometimes with spectacular results. Like always, we fire the camera when the event starts and we shut it down when the last car closes things out. This is going to be one hell of a drag race!



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5 thoughts on “Complete Live Streaming Video Replay From The Street Car Super Nationals Right Here!

  1. Pizzandoughnuts

    Always looking forward to this event, but I’m going to be sitting in a hospital post spinal fusion surgery. But I’ll be watching, thank you Bangshift.

  2. 75Duster

    Bangshift, don’t forget that its Veteran’s Day today. Pizzandoughnuts, I wish you a speedy recovery.


    This is the race I look forward to attending the most. Love phx and Vegas national and regional events, but this is the race west of the Mississippi for street cars

    Brian you are right about the new schedule. Q1 one on Thursday and E1 Saturday night. Finals may be at a reasonable time this year.

    Talked to Mel at vegas nats and he said 30+ pm and 12 or so outlaw pm. Still a good chance for Scruggs to show up. Frankie may have both the his vette and the camaro he’s been driving recently. He said rvw field may be weak, but most of the other radial classes should be 30+ cars. Frigo said he wasn’t attending, but Jose was. If we get Scruggs, 2 frankie cars, troy, Jose, Stanley, and maggio, everything else will be gravy.

    Heavy heart at the race this year when looking at the BS camera. Hopefully we will be getting good news soon.

    Thanks to the vets and my grandfathers who fought in ww1, ww2, and Korea. I think they were smiling from above on Wed morning.

  4. Chris

    This is my absolute favorite race of the year. I hope to go there in person next year. This is THE race that we usually have the most racers from Albuquerque show up, which is an added bonus for me. Thanks for putting this event on every year sponsors (and thanks to BangShift coverage)!

  5. ksj2

    Went last year and had a BLAST!. BTW Brian we wont be there so no care package to consume.You will live.LOL

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