Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week 2014 Schedule Announced

Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week 2014 Schedule Announced

Hot Rod Magazine has announced the tracks for Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week 2014. 

Now for the important stuff, the tracks! There has been rampant speculation on where the race would be held in 2014 but we now have the answers. Hot Rod has removed all speculation by announcing the following tracks:

Start/end – Tulsa Raceway Park – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Heartland Park Raceway Park – Topeka, Kansas

Thunder Valley Raceway – Noble, Oklahoma

SCRA Drag Strip – Great Bend, Kansas


Depending on how direct the routes between tracks are (and they’re never all that direct) competitors can expects a waltz through the center of the country of between 1100 and 1300 miles through the five day test of man and machine. If you look at these tracks on a map, they seem “close” together but Hot Rod Drag Week is never about the quickest route from point a-b, it is about seeing the countryside and pushing the most ragged ass group of street legal cars in the country to their limits on the street and the strip.




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27 thoughts on “Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week 2014 Schedule Announced

  1. Vinnie

    Once again Hot Rod has NO concern for us guys out east . They had a great turnout at P R P, good tracks in Ohio, Maryland and we get passed over. Thanks .

    1. 1970camaroRS

      What about us out West? We have to cross that giant Mountain range. In my case, I have TWO ranges to cross. You know, real mountains, not those cute little Appalachian hills.

  2. Vinnie

    On the other hand, maybe the so called fastest street car boys will show and maybe Jeff Lutz can give them some payback. They beat him there, but they brought their cars out on a trailer. Show them how its done Jeff, nice seeing you at Pittsburgh.

  3. Jason D

    Mate, as they’ve said time and time again, drag week does not cater to specific “parts” of the country. They choose these tracks based solely on the pretense that anyone, wherever, can’t get to the starting track, without having to travel cross country. If they came east, so you had a quick run, then how many of the west coasts boys do you think would make that trip? !!

  4. Craig Hensley

    I hope they got rules changed so the STEEL STREET CARS don t have to race the Street Drive-able Pro Mods. Come on “Street Outlaws” Drive them “Street Cars” out with the guys Them Drag Strips won’t hurt you. By the way I do like Street Out Laws Show and most of the guys on the show. But Dumbo Can’t Really Fly if you know what I mean.

  5. TexasMatt

    Moved to Texas last summer from Indy…so we traveled the long distance to last year’s Drag Week…
    This time it’s only 6hrs away..we’re happy with that!

  6. Dusty Rhodes

    I don’t think the ‘Street Outlaws” in OKC can handle real street cars, They would soil their undies in a quarter mile. eight milers are sissy’s

    1. Anonymous

      If 1/8 milers are sissies…line your pile up with any of them on a street…or a no prep race and see how much of a sissy they are…if you come on drag week, I will line up with you for an 1/8th mile on the street…if you beat me and wNt to go a 1/4…I’ll do it…but don’t knock it until you’ve done it!!! Smh

  7. Jeremy

    When do we sign up I no of around 10 cars just from our area that are building just for an opratunity to enter drag week can’t wait

  8. KarenN

    Cannot understand the complaints about the locations… feel for the teams that travel from Australia…thats distance….what about a drag week in oz? Would you come?

  9. old goat

    It seems every year there is more and more bitching about rules or what defines a ” street car”. Can’t we just enjoy the greatest event ever? THANK YOU HOT ROD MAGAZINE.

    1. Don Fitzgerald

      I agree! No car trailers allowed. Spare parts small cargo trailers only if pulled by the street car.

  10. dragrcr50

    I live right in this area between noble ant Tulsa how cool is that, and if you drive it and pull a trailer and go the whole 1200 or so miles by god its a streetable race car period regardless of whats on it.

  11. jerry z

    One of these yrs I will make it out to Drag Week. This I plan on doing the Power Tour instead.

    Can’t wait to watch it!

  12. TubbedPacecar

    Brian: OK, so they have nailed down which racetracks they will visit……when will we see the actual dates??

    1. TubbedPacecar

      Thanks Ed! And here are the dates from the link

      Sunday September 7, 2014: Registration & Test ‘n Tune; Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, OK
      Monday September 8, 2014: Day 1 Racing; Tulsa Raceway Park
      Tuesday September 9, 2014: Day 2 Racing; Heartland Park, Topeka, KS
      Wednesday September 10, 2014: Day 3 Racing; Thunder Valley Raceway Park, Noble, OK
      Thursday September 11, 2014: Day 4 Racing; S.R.C.A. Drag Strip, Great Bend, KS
      Friday September 12, 2014: Day 5 Finals; Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, OK
      Saturday, September 13, 2014: SPECIAL 10TH ANNIVERSARY DRAG WEEK HEADS-UP EVENT; Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, OK

      Read more:
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  13. Fiatdude

    the only way you could do a SoWest coast drag week — — Bakersfield, Fontana, Vegas, and then .. .. .. Oh Hell , Vegas again

    Oh wait — Phoenix — That would differently be a road trip hitting all of these

  14. Sheilan

    It was my understanding that the hot rod 2014 drag week registration day was suppose to be posted soon…that was listed on February 9th, but I have not seen anything. Do you know when this registration day is suppose to take place?

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