UPDATE: Capps Suffers Massive Explosion At NHRA Winternationals Qualifying VIDEO!

UPDATE: Capps Suffers Massive Explosion At NHRA Winternationals Qualifying VIDEO!

Minutes ago, Ron Capps completed a 4.01-second nitro funny car lap to grab the number two qualifying position at the 2014 NHRA Winternationals but for obvious reasons he was not all smiles in the shutdown area. The NAPA sponsored funny car exploded in violent fashion very late in the run and while Capps does not to appear to have suffered any visible or serious injuries, it sure left a mark. We have screen captures from the ESPN3 live stream of the race below. As soon as video is released of the explosion, we’ll share it with you.

CompPlusTV has a cool compilation video showing virtually every angle of the boomer from overhead to inside the car. This is wild stuff!


Picture 30

Picture 22 Picture 23  Picture 25 Picture 26 Picture 27 Picture 28

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35 thoughts on “UPDATE: Capps Suffers Massive Explosion At NHRA Winternationals Qualifying VIDEO!

  1. Beagle

    I can see where that would rattle the * out of someone… for what it’s worth, the car looks really bad ass in the after picture with the chutes out?!

  2. Dan Moore

    The first picture in the sequence, (before the body is gone) you can see the throttle blades still wide open. Next pic they are closed. Cool stuff.

  3. Don Richardson

    Well, it looks like another season of NHRA’s “Let’s Blow Something Up”! You know, explosions sell tickets! There is NO reason for this crap! NHRA should take itself in hand, and rewrite the rules to stop this crap before someone else dies!!

    1. Gary Smrtic

      I’m with you, Don. Did you read Big Daddy’s interview in Hot Rod last year? I’d like to see him set the rules for fuel racing…I also liked the idea of, “one track prep”, no more.

    2. Clipper

      I was watchin it on ESPN 3 Lee Beard(NHRA tech advisor) was sure checking it over as well as Tony Pedregon’s car(it was on fire) did not blow it up but i am sure broke rods and the block.
      No matter what they do as far as rules they WILL blow it up as that is NITRO…..
      Glad ron and tony was ok. Ron sure was a checking his helmet over, like some body parts smaked it.

    3. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

      It’s racing. Any form of racing has inherent danger.

      Lets look at Nascar as far as rule changes. Cars were getting too fast in the early 70’s so they went to a smaller motor. By the late 80’s they were running faster than before on big tracks. enter restrictor plates. These days, from what I see, they are getting close to those speeds again. So what should they try now?

      So should the NHRA go to smaller engines? Smaller blowers or tires? Less nitro? Whatever is changed, human nature is going to push it to the limit. Right now Top alcohol is running about 1 1/2 seconds slower while running the full 1/4 mile*. If the fuel cars ran the full quarter it would be down to about 1 second difference.

      I don’t like seeing the explosions, or drivers hurt either. I’m just not sure where the answer lies.


  4. Jim Planer

    Run that thing down my street here in North West Indiana and melt some of this gosh darn snow!

  5. Anonymous

    And who says race car drivers aren’t athletes..Thae great driver he is never touched the wall after getting hit with a piece of the blown up body …The safety equipment keeps getting better but something needs to be done about the continuous blowing up of motors…C`mon NHRA is it really worth the life of a driver just to sell tickets…by the way the yellow band on the front of Rons helmet is a kevlar strip that might have saved his life this time …Glad you’re ok Ron ..

  6. Happe88

    Usually, you can see some indications that it’s goin’ south, I don’t see anything there, just boom.
    Good thing it stayed straight, looks like his lights were out for a few seconds after the bang. That’s gotta be like getting hit with a wrecking ball.

  7. C1BAD66

    Jeez! Near the end of the video, it looks like the track worker is man-handling Ron to the cart! WTH?

  8. Rick

    To Don S. and Gary S., you guys don’t know too much about the Nitro Addiction do you. Did you see the video all the way to the end where Ron gets the word on how quick the car ran, and did you see his reaction to that? Nitro cars, no matter what they are, run on the verge of explosion all the time. If NHRA mandated a drastic slow down, who do you think would be the first to protest? The drivers! Remember, no body threatens them to get in the car or else. They all love it. All racing is dangerous, get over it. Buy a ticket and go watch.

    789 AA/A

    1. Cruzzzer

      They don’t have to be that volatile… and to believe otherwise is foolishness. This isn’t war, it’s drag racing / entertainment. It not worth someone’s life or well being. If anyone thinks this is acceptable in any form of racing they are seriously delusional.

  9. Cruzzzer

    When will the NHRA quit trying to slow the fuel cars and make the tracks extend the length of the shut down area.

    Dimes to donuts it hit the rev limiter….

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