Finnegan Wants To Throw Big Tires, Big Turbos, And More At This Rad Caddy, And Then He Wants To Run 8s And Go 200 In It!

Finnegan Wants To Throw Big Tires, Big Turbos, And More At This Rad Caddy, And Then He Wants To Run 8s And Go 200 In It!

When Finnegan decides to do something, you always know it is going to be a little bit fun, a little bit crazy, and at least a little bit impossible. Because why would you do something boring and easy and that makes sense to everyone else? Such is the case with this super rad new Caddy that he got and wants to throw giant wheels and tires under. But why would you do such a thing to a 1961 Cadillac? Why not? You see, Mike wants to have a giant car that he can load up with all his friends and take on Rocky Mountain Race Week, Drag Week, etc and that will run 8’s despite weighing closer to 5,000 lbs than 4,000. He wants to do this because it sounds like a riot, and we couldn’t agree more. And as if that isn’t enough, he also might want to show up at a standing mile event and rip off a 200 mph run or two. Yeah, we know how crazy and hard that is. Trust us.

Watch this video as he and Newbern look at wheel and tire size options and go about mocking stuff up to see just how cool it might look and what might work. Then it’s off to get some chassis work done before the loud stuff starts happening.

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14 thoughts on “Finnegan Wants To Throw Big Tires, Big Turbos, And More At This Rad Caddy, And Then He Wants To Run 8s And Go 200 In It!

  1. Wes

    I will say right off the bat that I’m don’t really watch his channel. With that said, I remember seeing the car on RoadKill and the thoughts of him talking about cutting up this relic then made me uneasy. I thought it gone, sold or whatever but now to see him talking about it again??? Not a fan of this one…….AT ALL.

  2. Bill

    I watched this video and I gotta say Finnegan seems a little clueless… designing a car around a wheel and tire???? There is no way he is going to get a 4-link in there and not cut into the back seat area. Kind of a waste of a car just to hack it up into some big tire goofy 5000 pound beast that will never run 8’s or go 200. He should sell this car to someone who will do right by the car.


    Someone’s gonna get hurt.
    Model kit bashing will NOT apply to this when-said-and-done 3-ton project.

  4. Phil Leonard

    Please don’t tear up this beautiful 2 door Caddy. There are plenty of old HEAVY 4 door luxury cars you could find for this effort. This vehicle needs a sled loving owner who will do righteous justice to it.

  5. Nate

    I say go for it, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new. As many times as he has blown up blasphemi, I’d say he probably has the dedication to follow through.

  6. Bob Doebley

    He is going to butcher up a classic with crappy workmenship. I woud like to see him build a real car with great craftsmanship.

    1. Mikey

      Crappy like Blasphemi? Running 8s with a stick. This will be a top shelf build. This isn’t a Roadkill project… some people just cant see that…

  7. Rob

    Is it just me – is he trying to fit the tire from the wrong side. There is always a side to mount and dismount tires on wheels.

    Apply lube BEFORE you start and using levers always ends in damage.

    Only watched a couple of mins of the clip but I personally wouldn’t cut that car up.

    Build a tube frame car.

  8. OKSnake08

    Well it IS his car and he does have vision, talent and a lot of very talented people to sub out work ( like the frame ) to. Is this going to be Riddler level build ? No , but I doubt half assed and hacked up will be the what happens either. The real problem is like any build it will take a long time before we can see , judge or argue about the final product. His goals are attainable with time and money so let’s see what happens.

  9. Piston Pete

    I like that car a lot, I’m very skeptical of the idea of cutting it up the way it would have to be to attain his vision.
    I’d wanna have another one just like it on hand before any cutting commences on this one.

  10. Mike

    Geeze people… this isn’t going to be a Roadkillesqe build. I’m sure Finnegan will have it built right. Just remember the most important thing…. it’s not your car.

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