Keep Your Drag And Drive LS Engine Cool And Happy! Meziere Expands Its Offering Of Pumps For LS Engines With This Billet Mechanical Beast.

Keep Your Drag And Drive LS Engine Cool And Happy! Meziere Expands Its Offering Of Pumps For LS Engines With This Billet Mechanical Beast.

If you aren’t familiar with the name Meziere, you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere. They build some of the finest water/coolant pumps on the planet, in both mechanical and electric varieties for a bunch of different applications. They are all made in the USA, in a state of the art machining and manufacturing facility in Southern California, and they do it right. They are my Go-To source for cooling system tech as well. Nobody knows the importance of flow and pressure and system design better and their products always perform. They’ve been a long time supporter of BANGshift and we are always keen to see what’s new coming out of their shop.

We recently met with Don Meziere at a recent event to talk to him about his racing plans for 2024 and all the new stuff coming out of Meziere. Yeah, they are a racing family too and compete in NHRA and independent Sportsman drag racing events all over the place. And they do it with three generations of racers. They are the real deal.

But when Don told us about some of the new products coming out this year we were arguably as excited as we were about his race car! This new mechanical pump for LS engines is a BEAST! Just look at it! If you are street driving your LS powered Drag and Drive car, or are doing endurance and Pro-Touring events, this is a great offerings. Plus the thermostat housing setup makes for easier plumbing options in some swap applications too. Check out the info below from Meziere and use the website link below to get more info and to order yours.

Also, don’t hesitate to call or reach out via the website if you need advice on the right pump, starter, or flexplate for some other applications as well.

Press Release:

Meziere Enterprises, the leader in water pumps for race and street driven vehicles, announces yet
another expansion of its already impressive offerings for LS based power plants.

“This latest pump is a mechanical pump solution that will perform very well in drag and drive
applications as well as circle track and endurance. It is the perfect addition to our line of electric and
mechanical pumps.”

Their electric pumps all carry an industry‐leading two year warranty and are built in the USA, relying on
decades of pump building experience.

“When it comes to the performance and endurance of the product, nobody works harder and has the
depth of experience we bring to the table. Both our electric and mechanical pumps are 100% tested
before they are boxed and you know when you take it out of the box that we care. The finish of the
pumps is second to none, inside and out.”

Contact Meziere Enterprises at 800‐208‐1755 or on the web at

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