Mark Williams Has Brakes For Every Type Of Drag Car, From Brackets To Pro Stock To Pro Mod, They Have Your Stopping Covered

Mark Williams Has Brakes For Every Type Of Drag Car, From Brackets To Pro Stock To Pro Mod, They Have Your Stopping Covered

For some reason brakes on drag cars are often an afterthought. In fact, the racers that put the most effort and focus into them are often bracket racers, who heads up drag racers often bash. But in a bracket race the brakes are incredibly important to staging correctly, battling it out at the stripe, and ultimately stopping. But wait, isn’t staging and stopping important to any drag racer? Well it certainly should be, but it seems like some folks find going fast way more fun than thinking about stopping. The scary thing about that is the number of drivers we’ve seen repeatedly finding themselves in the sand because they wouldn’t upgrade their brake system. It’s not rocket science folks. Call someone you trust, like Mark Williams and get real brakes on that hot rod of yours.

Take a look at the offerings from Mark Williams by using the links below. AND, take the opportunity to learn something about their products and what makes them superior. You can actually come out of this smarter than you started, and we highly encourage it.

The BEST Brakes!

  • Reinforced calipers with superior bridge strength
  • Internal fluid passages eliminate external damage
  • Combines high strength with minimal weight
  • Exclusive Slot-Drive mitigates rotor warpage
  • Double disc-ground rotors are flat and parallel
  • Reinforced brackets maintain caliper alignment

    Available for everything from E.T. Bracket Racers to Pro Stock & Pro Mod

  • Carbon rear rotor is 1/3rd weight of drilled steel – As much as 10 lbs. of rotating weight!
  • Discs and frictions pads are  made from the same material, which means no fading in elevated operating temperatures
  • MW knit carbon material is superior to “chopped” fiber used by others
  • Square lug Square lug system allows for expansion of aluminum mounting hat without applying pressure to the rotor
  • All MW 71000 series single caliper rear brake kits can be upgraded to Carbon/Carbon
MW calipers are exceptionally strong and compact with superior bridge strength over similar products. One of the most significant strength factors is the bridge strength. All MW calipers use four 7/16″ diameter body fasteners, and a 5/16″ diameter bridge bolt. MW calipers utilize 7/16″ hex bleeder screws in both ends (no right and left hand calipers) and internal fluid passages eliminating external damage prone lines. The slot-drive attachment system is a  major improvement for prolonging brake rotor life. Disc cupping has been eliminated with this exclusive design.

Better Stopping by Design   Selecting the Optimum Brake Linings
Ordering Info and Identifying Your Housing End Brake Pressure
Technical Information About Brake Systems Browse Front Brakes
Brake Rotor Materials Browse Rear Brakes

We love to see our products in action!
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