Featured Product: The Suspension Geek Tow And Jack Plate Is A Gift From Heaven For Camaro And Nova Owners

Featured Product: The Suspension Geek Tow And Jack Plate Is A Gift From Heaven For Camaro And Nova Owners

SuspensionGeek.com’s Tow and Jack Plate product is so straightforward, you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner. And while we’ve seen some creative solutions to the problems this creative product addresses, we’ve never seen any single product that fixes them all. After decades of working with the shortcomings of a first-generation Camaro subframe, Rodney at Suspension Geek has come up with the Tow and Jack Plate which strengthens the factory subframes weak jack point AND gives you two great places to tie down your car on the trailer.

So why do you need this? Well, one of the worst parts about a First F-Body or X-Body subframe is the front crossmember.

The jacking point, which seems like it’s made of pot metal, is the place you’re supposed to rest the entire front end of your favorite child on. In addition, if you tow your car, you’re forced to put tie-downs on control arms, sway bars, wherever you come up with…even special padded straps to put around your wheels. While this is starting to sound like an infomercial wherein the heroine can’t crack an egg without getting it all over the house, this is truly a problem for a lot of Camaro owners. Prouty even commented that he’s seen restoration guys cut out the crossmember to repair the dents and weld it back in to look new.
Herein lies the impetus for the Suspension Geek Tow/Jack Plate. A quarter-inch steel plate, laser-cut to allow for drain holes and easy welding; complete with tow strap hooks all centered in the front of the car. And, all for less than a hundred bucks! Delivered in raw steel so there’s minimal welding prep and you can paint it later to match whatever your heart desires. Available at https://suspensiongeek.com/products/67-69-fbody-and-68-74-xbody-jack-skid-tow-plate¬†with a limited introductory price of $89.95 until this run is gone.

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