Real-Deal Steel 1967, 1968, And 1969 Camaro Bodies Available Ready For Tube Chassis!

Real-Deal Steel 1967, 1968, And 1969 Camaro Bodies Available Ready For Tube Chassis!

If you are building a drag car that is going to have a 4-link or ladder bars, or even a pro touring machine that is going to have something completely custom out back, then starting with a whole car can sometimes feel like a waste. After cutting out the floors, trunk, wheel tubs, firewall, and trans tunnel you then have the fun job of cleaning up all those cuts before you can even think about starting on chassis construction within it. Not anymore! The guys at Real-Deal Steel have been building completely new First-Gen Camaro, Tri-Five Chevy, Chevy II/Nova, and ’40 Ford bodies for the last few years, but now you can get them without all the way!

For now just the Camaro bodies are available this way, but soon you’ll be able to get the Tri-Five and Nova bodies this way as well. You can even get them with the roof skin fitted but not welded so that you can more easily weld the top of the cage! This is pretty genius if you ask us. And since some folks are now requiring stock roof and quarters and all that so that Pro Mod cars aren’t competing in their classes, this would make that problem go away and you could still build it like a Pro Mod. Just sayin.

Here is all the info from Real-Deal Steel.

The bodies come without firewalls, floors and other body pieces that would need to be removed before builders can use the steel bodies with full tube chassis. These lower-cost, new-steel bodies come with quarter panels, top skin and drip rails, rear deck filler and rear body panel installed. The body also comes with trunk hinges, inner and outer rockers and door-hinge A pillars and top cowl plenum.


As an option, the roof panel can be fitted but not welded to allow easier cage installation.


Later this year, similar bare bones bodies will be offered for 1955-1957 Chevys and 1966-1967 Chevy II Nova two-door hardtops.

If you want to check them out yourself, they will be at the SEMA Show in about 10 days in booth (24191 in the Restoration Marketplace)



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7 thoughts on “Real-Deal Steel 1967, 1968, And 1969 Camaro Bodies Available Ready For Tube Chassis!

  1. Steve

    Yep, these aren’t for your home garage guys at $9,500 for just a body without doors, firewall etc. I know they are rust free, and I’m guessing you still need a VIN to register it. I hazard a guess you could get a promod carbon fiber body for a similar price!

  2. RockJustRock

    Back in the day we called that a “Body In White”. We paid a grand or two and conned them out of the Big Three. Nowadays they are busy building really slow race cars and getting big bucks from collectors by calling them COPO I guess.

  3. John Gregg

    Well virgin metal.. never wrecked.. and the price of used straight first gens is going up daily.. now factor in all the cutting and prep work to get to this point. And I\’m sure new quarters and rust repair this might be a great route to go.. time saving because you go from day one not doing all that other stuff… and new is never cheap.. got to pay for the R&D plus im sure they are not selling thousands of these. Plus men not machines building them.. it\’s going to cost a few pennies

  4. Tubbed Pacecar

    Make and model aside, if you get past the price tag and THINK ABOUT IT, it’s not as bad as your initial knee jerk reaction thinks it is.
    If you take your rusty hulk to any decent metal man, who’s shop rate is $100.00/hr, after the first 140 hours of labour, you’ve paid for the new body (and that’s before you even factor in parts and materials).


    Dynacorn also has Camaro,Mustand and Mopar bodies. Time is money plus no guilt hacking up an original car = Win Win

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