Ridetech’s New Subframe Bushing Kits For Camaro, Firebird, And Nova Are The Perfect Fit For Your Project

Ridetech’s New Subframe Bushing Kits For Camaro, Firebird, And Nova Are The Perfect Fit For Your Project

Subframe bushings are a pretty boring product in the grand scheme of things and traditionally there have only been a couple of options when it comes time to replace them. Stock rubber, Polyurethane, or Aluminum have been the only options available until now. Now you can get Ridetech subframe bushings that actually use the latest technology to provide something truly unique, because they are doing things differently. Rubber does a great job of keeping things quiet, but they don’t do much in the way of keeping the body and subframe moving in the same direction. When you add aftermarket suspension to the mix, the weakness of the factory rubber bushings really comes to light. In race cars, aluminum became the option of choice because they solidly mounted the body and subframe to each other. And, because they are easy to machine in any configuration you could get them in different heights as needed. But those aluminum bushings transmit every single bump, vibration and sound right through the body and that sucks. When polyurethane came out everyone thought it would be the greatest thing, but the truth is they can be pretty bad about squeaking, and for every good set there are crappy ones as well.

Ridetech’s new subframe bushings are a different breed. They are made from aluminum and Delrin for an ultra strong and stiff mounting solution that has enough vibration and noise dampening to make it livable in your hot rod. Here is all the info from Ridetech.

Here is all the information from Ridetech: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE AND ORDER UP A SET FOR YOURSELF

The factory rubber subframe bushings are very compliant, allowing the unibody to flex independent of the front subframe. Polyurethane or aluminum are commonly used to replace the stock rubber, but not without compromise.  Poly tends to squeak and aluminum will transmit NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). The Ridetech Subframe Bushing Kit uses a combination of Delrin and Aluminum components to reduce chassis flex while providing some protection from NVH. These bushings are the same height as the stock bushing and include all new Grade 8 hardware.

Works great with the Ridetech subframe connectors!

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