This New Transmission Cap And Alignment Tool Is Handy As Hell!

This New Transmission Cap And Alignment Tool Is Handy As Hell!

We’ve all got transmission yokes lying around the garage for plugging up the ends of a transmission and for aligning the splines when doing a clutch install. But in a race car, that is sometimes hard to use and it is never as convenient as you’d like. This new transmission cap and alignment tool from Mark Williams takes it to another level hower, and this thing is cool. It covers the output shaft and plugs the back of the trans for removal or transport, and because it has these cool knurls around the back of it you can also use it to turn the main shaft for aligning the clutch on the input shaft. We approve of this one for sure. It’s designed for Liberty, Jerico, and Richmond transmissions, but also work in Turbo 400 and 4L80 and 4L80E transmissions. This is a cool.

Mark Williams

This handy tool keeps transmission gear lube from exiting the transmission when removing your driveshaft between runs. It has a knurled end for turning the output shaft to realign the clutch. Fits all 32 spline transmissions with 1.886″ seal diameter. (Liberty, Jerico, & Richmond manual transmissions.) Will also work as a plug in the Turbo 400 and 4L80 automatic transmissions. Installation – Service instructions can be found on Service Bulletin #0037.

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