Jim Murphy’s WW2 Racing Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster Operation Is For Sale.

Jim Murphy’s WW2 Racing Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster Operation Is For Sale.

Jim Murphy, the one who’s won the March Meet 4 times, is selling his entire Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster operation. This is not the car he lost first round with at the 2014 March Meet, but rather the familiar green beast with the red and white stripe. This car hauls ass, thanks to Beebe and a host of other helpers, and we would sure love a ride behind the tiller in this bad boy. This car is complete, and includes a ton of spares, and notes, and tuneup, etc. And, if you need more help than the notebook can provide, Murphy’s offering tuning help as well. I’m sure there is a price on that, but who cares. If you have the scratch to buy this sucker, you can afford a little crew chief help too.

At $110,000 we think this is probably a pretty good deal. I don’t know how you would build it for less, and not with the level of parts this one has. And again, it comes with the notebook. That’s invaluable. I’m not a fan of green, but if you are and have your heart set on buying this sucker, we’ll slap the BangShift logo on the side and I’ll be happy to be your driver.

Longtime BangShifter Ronnie Mankins is helping sell the dragster for Murphy and the gang, so if you are interested hit him up via the contact information at the bottom of the page. And if you are in the market for race cars, parts, Toterhomes, Trailers, etc., Ronnie is your guy. He’s got decades of experience in the industry and is one of the most fair guys we know. Give him a call and tell him Chad and Brian at BangShift sent you.



WW2 Racing Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster

 Local Drag Racing


Complete racing operation with all the parts necessary to run.

 Will not separate or part out. All information and records go with the car.

 “Car is one of the very nicest on the circuit. Every part in it is the best you can buy, no expense spared.”

 225” Nostalgia Top Fuel Chassis

 Fabricated 9 inch Ford rear housing

 Strange floaters, axles and carbon fiber brakes

 Strange Ultra aluminum third member with 3:90 gears

 Trick Titanium clutch can

 AFT 10″ titanium clutch

 Rob Moore reverser, driveshaft, coupler’s and driveshaft covers

 One spare set of front wings and one spare set a rear wings

 Real Racing Wheels 12” bead locks with a new set of M & H tires

 Simpson parachutes and seatbelts

 DJ carbon fiber bucket

 Racepak Pro data recorder with just about every monitoring device available

 Rodeck/Cullen engine block with a 4.060 bore and a 3.900 stroke

 Henry Velasco crankshaft

 JE Pistons with A & C rings

 GRP Connecting Rods with ARP bolts

 Engle cam and Crane lifters

 Dan Olson oil pan & headers

 Alan Johnson Heads

 T & D rockers modified by John Rodeck

 Donovan magnesium valve covers

 Alan Johnson magnesium manifold

 6:71 Kobelco Superman Supercharger

 RCD gear drive

 RCD blower drive components

 Enderle injector with a custom fuel injection system by K.J.Crawford

 System One dry sump oil system by Steve Faria

 MSD 44 amp mag

 Waterman 20 gal fuel pump



 AFT 10″ titanium clutch

 Set of complete Alan Johnson heads

 Four racks of pistons, rings and rods (ready to run)

 80 new pistons

 Two sets of new connecting rods

 40 plus/minus new sleeves

 System One dry sump oil pump

 Extra Olson oil pan

 Three sets of Dan Olson headers (one new)

 Special misc. parts and tools

 – Tuning Assistance Available –

 Complete Dragster with Extra Parts – $110,000.00


Ronnie Mankins

Mankins Motorsports

541-890-8729 cell

541-776-7955 shop


Hot Rods – Race Cars – Coaches – Race Trailers



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3 thoughts on “Jim Murphy’s WW2 Racing Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster Operation Is For Sale.

  1. RockJustRock

    Nostalgia Top Fuel, boxes and boxes of spare motor parts to scatter across the finish lines of Drag Racing America.

  2. NitroVictory1

    That is a nice package with everything to be competitive in the class. You’d be double that for a new car that has not been sorted out.
    By the looks of the last Bakersfield March Meet the class is rising in popularity. I bet this car would be right in the running for a championship.

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