This Might Be The Cleanest 1975 Monza Ever And It’s Already Small Block Powered!

This Might Be The Cleanest 1975 Monza Ever And It’s Already Small Block Powered!

Monzas and Vegas were some of the cooler little economy cars of the 1970s. Like Pintos and Mavericks at ford, the Monza and Vega served to move the masses with light weight and little engines that got much better mileage than those larger V8’s we’d all grown accustomed to. It turns out that when you stuff a V8 into them they become a hot rodders dream, so that happened quite a lot of course and is why so many have become full tilt race cars over the years and still remain so popular. But whenever we see at Stock Style Vega or Monza that is V8 equipped it always has us thinking about the cool sleeper aspect and makes us want one to daily drive. This little Monza here is the perfect little ride that could be amazing with wheels, tires, and brakes. Do a modern engine swap in it, like the LTG package from Chevy Performance Parts, or an LS, and this sucker would haul ass and still get killer mileage. We’d drive it! So would Rocco Bastone, who sent it to us as a BANGshift Content Submission.


So here are the all the details from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD AND BUY THIS THING

75 Chevy Monza town coupe. 350 V8, automatic transmission. Car runs and drives. The car is not perfect but it’s all there and with a little work can be a fast and cool car. I have the title in hand, the car is currently registered, insured and driven.


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6 thoughts on “This Might Be The Cleanest 1975 Monza Ever And It’s Already Small Block Powered!

  1. MGBChuck

    a ’75 Monza TC from Ca. is a real oddity (had one), in ’75 the only Chev. V8 that was smog legal in Ca, a 350 (a staggering 150hp) so everything in Ca. got them (the rest of the country got 305s). Mine would burn the right rear tire forever and not much after 50k miles the unibody started shifting (door and alignment issues), Still liked how the TC looked (kinda mini Monte Carlo)

    1. Jack M.

      I can vouch for that Chuck. Back in 1986 I was selling cars in Toronto. We would try to do burn outs in all of the trade ins. A Monza hatchback with a 305 was traded in once. It made so much tire smoke that John Force would be proud! I was afraid that someone would alert the fire department.

  2. jerry z

    Never was a fan of the TC. The regular Monza was so aerodynamic (to me anyway) and they build this boxy car. The car is clean though.

  3. Tony Primo

    Wow, 45 years old for $4,200 bucks, that is really cool! If it was on the Canadian side of the border I would be all over this. I haven’t seen one of these in like 30 years.


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