Wagon Wednesday: This 300TD Mercedes Is Diesel Greatness And LS Turbo Swap Ready

Wagon Wednesday: This 300TD Mercedes Is Diesel Greatness And LS Turbo Swap Ready

There has always been a cult following for the Mercedes 300D and 300TD, and it only seems to have gotten worse in recent years as preppers want diesel vehicles that have no electronics so that the zombie apocalypse, a North Korean invasion, or the end of the world won’t keep them from driving somewhere safer. We actually know guys who have hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel at home so that they could easily load it up and drive all the way to the east coast if need be.

While we aren’t particularly worried about being able to survive the zombie apocalypse, we do like the 25-30 mpg that these suckers get. And the bonus of them being an early diesel, is no emissions inspection which means they are prime for swapping whatever engine in them that you would like. For us that would be a turbo LS because we think this could be one hell of a street sleeper and that would make us happy.

What do you think? Are we crazy? Or is this really a cool car if you squint just right? We know the price is a bit high, but they are getting harder and harder to find.

Here are the details from the seller:

Beautiful one of a kind Mercedes classic wagon in excellent condition. You will find nothing like this on a Toyota or Kia lot. This is a safe and reliable daily driver, seeking a safe and responsible driver. This is a 300TD Mercedes Diesel that will run all day and all night on diesel or bio-diesel and get 25 to 30 mpg. She cruises forever at 80 mph and I would not hesitate to drive her across country. These cars are known to get over a million miles and this beauty has just been broken in. She has been serviced regularly and is a safe and reliable daily driver. This may be the last car that you will ever need to buy. There is no reason that she will not be a reliable daily driver 30 years from now. And they will do nothing but go up in value. The paint is absolutely impeccable and is the original color with no scratches, rust or dents. If in the Los Angeles area, I would not mind leasing this car. To lease vehicle, a security deposit of $400. and the first months lease payment of $200. is required. You will be responsible for maintaining insurance on the car as well as taking care of any accidents or parking tickets. Please be employed and responsible. If you would like to lease this vehicle with an option to buy, we can work something out. This is the same make and model that John Lennon bought new and had shipped to One Apple Plaza in New York. When these vehicles first came out, there was a long waiting list to buy one new. In California, you will never need a smog check. MB Tex seats in good condition, climate control, cold air conditioning, electric windows, manual sunroof as well as a new Kenwood radio with AM/FM/CD/Ipod and Android controls as well as Bluetooth. Standard features include: 4 speed automatic transmission, power steering, cruise control, power assisted four wheel disc brakes, central locking system, fully independent suspension, electric windows, (yes, all windows work!), climate control, tinted windows, heated rear window, automatic antenna with selective height adjustment, 2 speed automatic wipers, quartz chronometer, tachometer, light alloy wheels, front headrests, , halogen fog lamps, roof rack cross bars, first aid kit, tool kit, owners manual. If you are truly interested in this car, just Google “The car that will never die, and Bloomberg” to see a great article by Bloomberg on these cars. Call, text or email for an appointment to stop by and test drive. (310) 418-9293

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3 thoughts on “Wagon Wednesday: This 300TD Mercedes Is Diesel Greatness And LS Turbo Swap Ready

  1. Matt Cramer

    If you do the LSx swap, put fake soot all over the back so anyone behind you assumes you are going to take five minutes to get up to highway speed.

    Then put the Diesel in a Jeep Wrangler for something even more bug-out ready.

  2. DanStokes

    These guys are The Car on the Mercedes Diesel forum that I haunt. The stock Diesel can really wake up with about $1,000 invested in a new Swedish injection pump – believe me, I know. I’d tweak the Diesel if it were mine. There is a TON of performance stuff on line about these, some of which even works. I have the engine in Mutt the Race Truck and a spare on a stand – they do run forever and will take a TON of abuse.

    I didn’t catch the price but they do hold value really well.


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