We Want This Rare Opel Kadett Wagon So Bad We Almost Didn’t Share It

We Want This Rare Opel Kadett Wagon So Bad We Almost Didn’t Share It

After drooling over the Famoso Speed Shop Opel Kadett last week, you can imagine our excitement when we say the wagon version for sale on our local Craigslist, especially given our infatuation with wagons! This is a 1970 model Opel Kadett wagon and is incredibly straight. It has a tiny 4 cylinder in it right now, but if it was ours this sucker would be getting an engine swap and some tire for sure. It sounds absurd, but if this was ours it would become a serious street strip machine complete with turborcharged LS power, a good sized Drag Radial, and lots of roll cage. But it would still have all the room we needed to go on Rocky Mountain Race Week and kick some ass. God this car could be dangerous for us.

I actually sat on this thing for a couple days because I didn’t want anyone else to have it. I can’t afford it, and have no room for another project, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it.

Take a look and tell us what you would do with it.


Here is the info from the seller;

This is our all original 1970 Opel Kadett Station Wagon, it has excellent all original body, paint, mechanical and interior. Engine turns over, has good compression but does not fire. Very nice rare Opel.
Delivery available. 2500 CASH takes it home! No trades or offers at this time please.

(951) 485-9264

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3 thoughts on “We Want This Rare Opel Kadett Wagon So Bad We Almost Didn’t Share It

  1. Opie Taylor, MtVernon Ohio

    How bout wierder yet….Although not a wagon, An old boy down this way drag raced an Opal Cadet sedan for years, was et bracket pro class champion many times with built 300 Ford Truck Inline 6 power/C4/8″ rear combo….Ugly raspy loud and fast as hell,
    12.0s 1/4 mile….ODD but Cool

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