Holley Releases New Front Clearance Pan For LS Engine Swaps

Holley Releases New Front Clearance Pan For LS Engine Swaps

If there is one thing that everyone who has ever done an LS swap appreciates, it is a good oil pan and Holley’s swap pan has long been considered the best in the business. Taking stock of where the LS-swap craze is heading and listening to customer feedback, the crew at Holley has expanded their line of Retro-Fit pans with (PN 302-2) which has a redesigned front section to provide proper clearance for cars that have the steering linkage behind the front crossmember. With this new pan, you won’t have to get weird with a cutting wheel and welder to hack up an existing pan, no will you have to make any radical changes to your steering gear. Something as simple as an oil pan makes all the difference in the world in these situations and Holley is right there waiting to help you.

This pan is constructed to the same high standards of all the other Holley LS swap products and since we have handled that stuff multiple times we can tell you that they are made strong, thick, and they’ll fit. Holley has been on a hot streak with the LS-swap parts as of late and this pan is another example of their support of this ever-growing market. Read on and hit the link to learn more –


Bowling Green, KY–Holley’s original LS Retro-Fit oil pan has been hugely popular and this new pan (P/N 302-2) has all the same attributes plus a redesigned front to give additional clearance. It provides maximum clearance for vehicles where the steering linkage is behind the engine crossmember. Like the original, these factory-style cast aluminum pans use factory gaskets, filter mounting, cooler ports and provide structural rigidity like a factory pan. They come with an oil baffle as well as pump pickup, and specialty racing baffles are available separately. Holley is quickly becoming the go to source for LS engine swap related components and high performance LS engine parts. Also be sure to check out their annual Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, KY each September.

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Front Clearance Oil Pan For GM LS Engine Swaps





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  1. tigeraid

    Or you can buy the GM Performance Parts Hummer H3 pan, which is essentially the same thing, for like half the price….

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