E85 Flex Fuel Made Easy! New Billet High Flow 10AN Dual Channel Sensor Mount

E85 Flex Fuel Made Easy! New Billet High Flow 10AN Dual Channel Sensor Mount

Converting your hot rod, muscle car, race car, or truck to run on E85 has never been easier than it is today. But with that said, there are some times when doing this conversion or installation becomes cumbersome and clunky. This is where Motion Raceworks new E85 Flex Fuel Dual Channel Sensor Mount becomes important. This is one cool little piece of machining that not only mounts one of the most common E85 sensors on the planet, but does so with incredibly flexibility so as to make a clean, and effective, installation a breeze. Doing so not only makes the conversion more enjoyable, but key features make it perform better as well.

Thanks to the -10 ORB fittings, dual channel design, and common sensor integration, you’ll end up with a part that looks great, and will support the power you are after when going to E85. And as mentioned before, there is plenty of flexibility with regards to mounting. With that said, this isn’t some janky mish mash of parts that make it so flexible in design that assembling it becomes an overwhelming pain.

In this video Doug Cook from Motion Raceworks gives a rundown on the how, why, and where you can use this in your vehicle. So watch, learn something, and then click the link below to visit Motion Raceworks to buy yours.



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