Centurial Tools Debuts New Open Source DIY Welding Fixture Table: Buy The Plans For Cheap, Have Them Cut, And Weld Them Together Yourself!

Centurial Tools Debuts New Open Source DIY Welding Fixture Table: Buy The Plans For Cheap, Have Them Cut, And Weld Them Together Yourself!

If you haven’t heard of Centurial in the last couple of years, you must be living under a rock or you are NOT a DIY fabricator. These guys have been featured on Finnegan’s Garage and several other YouTube channels, and make really cool, simple, but VERY effective tools for the at home fabricator or professional alike. What makes them different is that many of their products are CNC Printed, and some of them are available as just a CNC file so you can print them at home yourself if you don’t want to buy them directly from Centurial. But they keep taking it one step further.

After making many small tools, they have started up with bigger stuff as well, including tubing notchers and such that utilize readily available and affordable drills, etc. If you check out their website, we promise you will be impressed and will want to make a purchase. When I have the new shop done and ready for more fab tools, I’ll definitely be ordering up some of their tools, or maybe go all in on a Pro Fabricator Kit. What you get is amazing for the money.

But what got me really excited, and made me want to share their latest and greatest, is their new Open Source Welding Fixture Table. Let me explain.

If you are familiar with Certiflat, or other weld it yourself, table kits then you know that these come flat packed and are laser cut with tabs, slots, and notches so that the parts align properly and are ready for welding. They are great products for the average fabricator, and are considerably cheaper than a big blanchard ground table would be. But they still aren’t cheap. Shipping is expensive, there is markup on materials, etc, etc. It is what it is. That’s no dig on any of the brands out there.

But what if you had the option to buy a kit that is ready to weld, OR you could just buy the plans and have the parts cut out locally? That would save you on shipping, might save you on material, and would mean you’d have the parts quicker and more conveniently than waiting on truck shipping. Well that’s exactly what Centurial is offering.

For $1600 you can buy the kit that is ready to assemble and weld once it arrives at your house. Or for just $25 you can buy the plans and have those cut out at your local CNC laser cutter. Dude, that could be a real cost savings.

Check out the video below.

(Chad Note: I don’t know the dudes at Centurial. I don’t get anything from posting this. I just want to share good stuff from good people and help our viewers build cool stuff.)


Video Description:

This open source fixture table is perfect for the garage or shop. You can buy the kit and assemble it or get the download files and have your local laser company make the parts for you. Welding fixture tables are very useful for a wide range of work holding and setup. This kit makes it even more accessible then ever to have your very own welding fixture table. We tried very hard to make this kit every bit as capable as FireBall tools table or Certiflat weld tables. What makes our table different is welded nuts on the back side of the table. We prefer this for a few reasons. Most importantly is that it is inexpensive. All other designs use the jam technique and offer very expensive custom hardware for attachment. Our design is repairable. If he threads fail just remove the nut and put a new one on. Lastly the strength. Its very hard to beat a simple bolt and nut for cost and strength. Our accessories are held down very firmly and with jam nut our clamps are held in place just as well. This means more consistent performance from you setups and clamps compared to the other designs.


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