Featured Product: Make Shifting Gears A Little More Fun With Hurst Shifter Knobs And Handles

Featured Product: Make Shifting Gears A Little More Fun With Hurst Shifter Knobs And Handles

Regardless of what transmission you have in your ride, and whether it is for an automatic or manual transmission, the shifter handle is one of the most direct interactions between your body and the vehicle. With that said it makes sense that shifter handles and knobs are available in a bunch of different shapes and sizes to fit different driver’s preferences. I’ve personally used several different Hurst shift handles and knobs and can tell you that the shape really does matter depending on what you are doing with the car. If it is a drag racing application I’m more likely to enjoy a T-Handle or Pistol Grip. But on the street, or in a pro-touring environment, I tend to like a ball or something similar. What do you prefer? Do you have a specific style of shifter handle that is your go to?

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Hurst offers a variety of shifter handles for your manual transmission, whether it’s our standard round knobs or the iconic T-handle style from the 1960s and 70s or maybe the pistol-grip design popular in classic Mopars. You’ll find Hurst shifter knobs and handles in high-strength plastic, ABS polymers, and aluminum. Knobs and handles are available in an assortment of finishes. Choose from gloss, anodized, matte black, white, silver, grey, natural, brushed aluminum, or polished and they’re sure to compliment any interior. Purchase your Hurst shifter knobs either with or without the shift pattern embossed into the top of the knob, patterns are available for most popular 3, 4, 5, and 6-speed transmissions. Upgrade the look of almost any shifter handle with our selection of thread pitch adapters that allow you to fit most everything from SAE to modern Metric thread pitches. To see everything that Hurst has to offer, from shifters, axle components, floor mats, and more, visit us at Holley.com

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