This 1965 Dodge C500 Hauler And 1966 Barracuda Gasser Are The Perfect Package And They Could Be Yours For Just Over $40,000

This 1965 Dodge C500 Hauler And 1966 Barracuda Gasser Are The Perfect Package And They Could Be Yours For Just Over $40,000

I’m a ramp truck fanatic, and while there are tons of them out there that just plain rule, the old Dodges like this one or those used by Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen might just be some of the best ever. This particular ramp truck hauler comes as a package with a bad ass 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Gasser that I love almost as much as the truck. This is one of those truck and car combos that would have you turning heads at the very first even you rolled into. We think having this combo in the pits at any cool show or race in the country would have everyone drooling and we don’t blame them. We’re drooling ourselves just looking at it.

But don’t confuse this rig and race car for a show only deal. They are both runners, have plenty of killer patina and proof of use, and are going to draw attention because it is obvious they are no recent restorations that just look cool but don’t perform.

Here is all the info the seller has to say: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ORIGINAL FACEBOOK AD

First off if you are serious about owning this life size Hot Wheels, I would rather talk in person so please call. There is to much info to send back and forth by email. You can also message me on Facebook by looking up Drag City Auto in Ozark, Mo 65721 or call 417-207-0390. Thanks now to the details!

Up for sale is an amazing combo example of vintage drag racing back in the days. The car hauler is a 1965 Dodge C500 with a 318 Polly gas engine, 4 speed manual transmission and 2 speed rear end. The truck has been updated with power steering and Budd wheels with new 22.5 tires. All lights, wipers, gauges, heater, and other components work as they should. Truck has a sleeper with storage and there are lots of storage spaces in the bed for tools, generators, compressors and supplies. Bed has a super wrench for loading and unloading race car. This truck is as reliable as they come. I bought it in California and drove it with car on 1850 miles back to Missouri with no major issues. Starts easy every time and runs like a champ. I have took it to multiple car shows and I just got back form the 2019 Hamb Drags at MoKan Raceway where I drove the truck there and ran the Cuda. Was a big hit and had a blast. The race car is “Leggin It” a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda that has been a race car most all of its life in California. It is powered by a 383 big block with 13.5:1 compression, solid lifter cam, tunnel ram with two squirters, Mag ignition and a 727 automatic transmission. Vintage Appliance Wheels. Gasser front suspension with tilt front end. It is a loud fun nostalgia race car that is easy to drive and very consistent. Set up more for 1/8th mile but will run the quarter. Low maintenance which consist of changing oil and checking the spark plugs. Runs cool and doesn’t over heat even on hot days. Most of the time you do not even need to turn the fan on. Car even has its original NHRA number on the passenger window. You can look up Leggin It on the internet and there is some info out there. Click on the links or copy and past them below for more info. The first one is a story that was done on it when we stopped in Winslow, AZ while bringing it back from California and the other is when the car was raced at the Melt Down Drags in 2015. This would be an awesome piece to add to your collection and its not just for show so you can get it out and enjoy it like it was originally used back in the day.


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