The RideTech R-Joint Has Been Granted A U.S. Patent – Fresh Design Satisfies Customers and Patent Office

The RideTech R-Joint Has Been Granted A U.S. Patent – Fresh Design Satisfies Customers and Patent Office

When we talk about new products in the high performance aftermarket, do you ever wonder how “new” they are? Is this something that someone invented or is this something that is an upgrade on an existing product? Does this move the industry forward in a leap or creep it forward in an evolutionary incremental step?

The RideTech R-Joint is a product that pushed the industry ahead and that’s not just empty hype because the company has been granted a patent on the design and engineering behind Bret Voelkel’s fresh take on a rod end for use in many applications, especially when it comes to making a suspension system function properly.

After designing and testing the product, the company filed for a patent on their design, which includes a self lubricating bearing cage and a spring style locking mechanism that keep constant tension on the joint which inhibits premature wear and eliminates the noise that can be associated with these types of joints.

This is awesome!

Here’s the full story on the R-Joint gaining patented status and why –

R-Joint Granted U.S. Patent

Unique Bearing Cage and Spring-Loaded Locking Mechanism

For Immediate Release
March 15, 2019

JASPER, IND. — Inventor Bret Voelkel set out to design a rod end with high articulation, extended service life and quiet operation. The result is RideTech’s new R-Joint — a design so unique, it has been granted a United States Patent.  Key design features include a self-lubricating bearing cage and a spring-loaded locking mechanism that maintains constant tension. Premature wear and noise are eliminated. The unique design allows for high articulation in 3 planes with 360 degree axial rotation and 30 degrees of total lateral rotation.

R-Joint’s patented design consists of a 17-4 stainless steel housing. The polished stainless steel ball bearing is fitted within a self-lubricating cage made of a proprietary composite material called RTX10. The cage and bearing are retained by a wave spring and locking mechanism that maintains tension for long service life. R-Joint is presently available in 3/4″-16 x 5/8″ size. R-Joint XL sizes are 1.25″-12 and 1.00″-14. Weld-on versions are available as well. R-Joint rod ends are the perfect solution for high performance street cars and race cars.

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